Black Friday is over, but the Pixel 7a is still 25% off

The Pixel 7a is in a case and is being taken out of the pocket.
Look at the lint on the back of the Pixel 7a case. Andy Boxall/

Even though the latest Google Pixel 8 lineup has been released, the previous generation is still worth grabbing, especially if you want to save a little money. With these still remaining Black Friday deals, you can get the Pixel 7a, Google’s mid-range offering in that lineup, for just $374. It normally goes for $499, so this is a significant discount from the usual price, and if you love the Pixel 7a you should grab it while you can.

Why should you buy the Google Pixel 7a?

The Pixel 7a is a phone that has both positives and negatives, and while it would be a little tough to sell it at a discount to full price, it makes more sense. For starters, you have a 6.1-inch screen with a 1080 x 2400 resolution, which may seem a little low, but it’s also an OLED screen, so you’re getting some gorgeous image reproduction and fidelity. The screen runs at a very high 90Hz refresh rate, which isn’t much more than the 6a’s 60Hz, but it’s noticeable enough to make a difference, although it’s off by default for battery life reasons.

That said, battery life is the main issue with the phone, and while you’ll get almost a full day out of it, the real issue is that it drains really quickly, especially since it’s shorter than its predecessor. This means that with heavy use, your phone will still need to be charged once a day, possibly even more, which could be a dealbreaker for some. Luckily, the Tensor G2 chip is a great upgrade from the previous generation, and you get a lot of performance out of it, and the same applies to the 8Gb of RAM which gives you a very good overall experience. As far as storage is concerned, you get 128GB, which is on par with a mid-range phone.

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The biggest problem with the Pixel 7a is that it’s a slightly lackluster upgrade to the 6a, but if you’re getting your first Pixel phone, it’s a good entry point, especially with Amazon’s deal bringing it down to $374 Has been given. If that doesn’t sound that appealing to you, consider checking out these Black Friday phone deals instead.

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