This 128GB SD card Black Friday deal is perfect for photogra…

A press render of the ProGrade 128GB SD card.

If there’s one thing a photographer can’t have too many of, it’s an SD card. For one thing, they go missing from time to time. It happens to us all. Another reason is that the SD card will eventually fail. It’s no one’s fault – it’s just something that happens with this type of removable storage.

So it is better to plan in advance and have some extra things on hand. And that’s what makes this 128GB card from Prograde the perfect Black Friday deal.

Not all SD cards are the same. But if you’re like me and shoot a mix of stills and video – what we call “hybrid” shooters – then this deal fits the bill perfectly. First is capacity. Although 128GB may be overkill when it comes to still images (depending on your camera, resolution, and file size, of course), I consider it the new minimum capacity when I’m shooting video, since 4K resolution ( or more!) Eats up a lot of storage space very quickly. And at 25% off, you’re getting a better price-per-gigabyte ratio than a 64GB card.

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Also pay attention to the card’s specifications: The short version here is that it’s Class 10, V90, and, UHS-II U3. The bottom line here is that you’re looking at 300 MB/sec read speeds and 250 MB/sec write speeds – both of which are significant. That’s table stakes for my cards. I don’t buy anything else.

And to address the elephant in the room: No, these are not cheap cards, even at Black Friday prices. But they are very good cards. And whether I’m taking photos for myself, or for a client, this is something you don’t skimp on, and you include it in your pricing plan. Because if you don’t have an SD card – or don’t have an SD card that’s reliable – you don’t even have to bother taking out your camera.

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