The best PS Plus Black Friday deals you can shop today

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Whether you’re sticking with a PlayStation 4 or have already upgraded to a PlayStation 5 with the PS5 Black Friday deal, you can get the most out of your console by signing up for a PlayStation Plus membership through this year’s PS Plus Black Friday deal. Can max. The subscription cost will deplete your video game buying allowance, but if you’re able to take advantage of the offers available now, you won’t have to think about your PS Plus subscription for another year – straight away. On next year’s Black Friday, there will surely be another round of discounts for the service. We’ll explain below what you need to do to enjoy the savings, so don’t wait until the last minute of the holiday shopping season.

Our favorite PS Plus Black Friday deals

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There are three tiers of PlayStation Plus membership, which is a requirement for PlayStation 5 gamers. The lowest tier, PS Plus Essential, will give you access to the online multiplayer mode of any PS5 games you purchase, plus a free game to download per month, additional discounts in the PlayStation Store, and secure data savings via cloud storage. Will also give. Originally $80, you can get 12 months of PS Plus Essentials for just $60 through the PlayStation Store. To be able to purchase the subscription, take advantage of Amazon’s 10% discount for the $70 PlayStation Plus Wallet fund, so you only have to pay $63. Once you get the digital code, you can use the funds to sign up for PS Plus Essentials.

You can buy more PS Plus Black Friday deals

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If you want more from your PlayStation Plus subscription, you should look beyond PS Plus Essentials – go for PS Plus Extra or PS Plus Premium. PS Plus Extra adds access to a catalog of hundreds of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games that you can download, while PS Plus Premium also gives you hundreds of titles from the PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Portable libraries. In the form of special benefits like game trials and cloud streaming. PlayStation’s Black Friday deals reduced the 12-month price of PS Plus Extra from $135 to $100, and the 12-month price of PS Plus Premium from $160 to $120. Below are other deals for gift cards that you can spend on a PS Plus membership or on the PlayStation Store in general, including PS Plus.

  • $25 PlayStation Store Gift Card —

  • $30 PlayStation Plus Wallet Fund –

  • $50 PlayStation Store Gift Card –

  • $55 PlayStation Plus Wallet Fund –

  • $110 PlayStation Plus Wallet Fund –

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