PS5 slim vs. PS5: everything you need to know about the new …

Sony consoles have always received multiple versions and editions since the original PlayStation 1. As technology becomes cheaper and more advanced, refreshed models that are smaller and less expensive to produce typically come out a few years into a console’s life cycle, and we’ve now reached that point for the PS5. The PS5 Slim, that being said, is a smaller version of the launch model, and will eventually become the standard unit available to consumers once existing PS5 stock runs out. However, is this version worth picking up if you’re an existing owner, or is it only for new buyers? There is also the question of which of the two versions to buy. To answer all these questions, let’s compare the PS5 Slim with the OG PS5.


New slimmer PS5 models.

Let’s start with the most important part, which is whether or not the PS5 Slim has more power under the hood than the launch model. No, the PS5 Slim is not more powerful than the existing PS5 in any way. This is not the PS5 Pro, which is just a rumor at this point. Games will not look, play or run any better or worse in any version. The only difference in terms of specifications is that the slim versions have slightly more storage space at 1TB compared to 825GB, which is only a small upgrade of 175GB. There’s nothing here that makes it worth buying a new system when you can expand your console’s storage yourself.


Obviously, a slim model would mean that this new version would obviously be smaller than the larger launch version. Although this is true, it is not a huge reduction in size. The PS5 Slim Disc Edition weighs 3.2 kg (18% less than the original PS5), while the Discless Edition weighs 2.6 kg (24% less), and both are 30% smaller in volume.


Once again, you’ll have the option to choose between an all-digital and standard edition of the PS5 Slim. However, unlike the original discless PS5, the new version will give you the option to add a disc drive later if you purchase a separate detachable drive.


The current PS5 models are priced at $400 and $500 for the Digital and Standard editions, respectively. While the PS5 Slim standard edition that includes a disc drive will remain at $500, the price of the discless version will increase to $450. This price increase has already been seen in other regions outside the US, but will now be introduced here once these new versions are launched. It’s also worth noting that the detachable disk drive you can get to upgrade your diskless version will cost $80, meaning you’ll have to purchase the digital version and add the drive to the version with the drive already included. Will cost more than buying.

If you have, or are looking to get, a PS5 with a disc drive, there’s no point going out and getting it now if you can wait for this smaller model. On the other hand, if you know you won’t need the disc, getting the current digital version will save you $50 if you don’t mind a larger console.

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