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Many subscribers probably know that Netflix has a library full of great original shows and movies that are worth watching. However, if you remember the origins of Netflix, you probably know that Netflix started because it had a library of great content that predated its existence.

Although those options aren’t as strong as they used to be, there are still plenty of great movies in Netflix’s catalog that didn’t originate on the service. They also include Darren Aronofsky black Swan, a charming, charming film set in the world of high-class ballet. These are three reasons why you should definitely check it out when you watch it on Netflix.

Contains Natalie Portman’s best performance

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Natalie Portman lost a lot of weight to play Nina, an insecure ballet dancer who was chosen for the central role in the film. Swan Lake, Portman’s performance is the perfect balance of cruelty and creepiness, as we understand the anger and hurt bubbling just beneath the surface of Nina’s sensual exterior.

Portman won an Oscar for the role, and justifiably so, given the amount of dancing she had to do in addition to her meticulous character work. As Nina slowly unravels under both the pressures of the role and the abuse she is being subjected to by her conductor and her mother, Portman’s performance becomes more loose, earning her recognition as one of her best ever. Strengthens.

It’s mind-bending in all the right ways

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Like any Aronofsky film worth its salt, black Swan Does not follow a clear linear progression. However, this is ostensibly the story of an insecure dancer who finds herself in the spotlight. As Nina begins to lose her grip on reality, we begin to understand her emotional state, even as it becomes more difficult to determine what really happened and what didn’t.

Although it may seem confusing, black Swan disorients you in all the right ways, helping you understand how tenuous Nina’s grip on her sense of self was even before the film begins, and how completely she’s lost it by the time the grand finale arrives.

It has a perfect, bone-chilling ending

Natalie Portman in Black Swan.
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In a film where nothing matters more than performance, black SwanThe ending feels like the perfect ending. The climax of the film comes from Neena’s acting. Swan Lake, but only when whatever tenuous grip he has on reality has already been lost. It’s a shocking, daring finale that’s one of the best sequences Aronofsky has ever directed.

Like much of the director’s best work, this sequence is interesting and not entirely subtle, but it’s the lack of subtlety that ultimately gives it power. black Swan Catchy, but it’s also a bit bananas, and it has a perfect period at the end of its sentence.

black Swan Now streaming on Netflix.

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