Reddit Recap 2023: how to find yours now

Reddit Recap 2023 may not be as musically entertaining as Spotify Wrapped or as informative as Duolingo’s Year in Review, but it’s still worth a look. This feature, available every year on the Reddit app, allows you to take a trip down memory lane and see the news and events that have been making headlines in your Reddit world from January.

Reddit Recap is tailored specifically for you and provides insight into what you’ve been doing on the service during the last 12 months.

Reddit Recap 2023 on iPhone.

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How to find Reddit Recap 2023

To find your Reddit Recap 2023, make sure to follow these instructions:

step 1: open reddit app On your iPhone or Android device. Otherwise, install the app from the App Store or Google Play respectively.

step 2: Log in to the app with your Reddit account.

step 3: Tap inbox Below the app.

step 4: choose reddit recap 2023 At the top of the Inbox page.

Screenshots showing how to access the Reddit Recap area on the Reddit app on iPhone.

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Step 5: Just to read your Reddit recap scroll down,

Step 6: pat down share button To share content as needed on any page.

Screenshot showing Reddit Recap 2023 in action.

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Reddit Recap 2023 provides a variety of information about your Reddit activity over the past 12 months. This includes details about the number of bananas you have been rewarded, indicating how far you have scrolled. Recap also displays the communities you’ve joined, the posts that were most popular for you, your most successful posts, and more.

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