Remnant 2’s The Awakened King DLC goes bigger and bolder

soul shooter relic 2 was the gaming surprise of the summer thanks to some spectacular boss battles and an engaging run structure that enticed players to seek out new loot. Although it already has considerable replay value, Gunfire Games and Gearbox Entertainment have confirmed plans to support the game with substantial DLC for at least a year ahead. relic 2 Even released. Now, we know more about its first paid DLC, launching on November 14th: awakened king,

Relic 2: The Awakened King Takes place in the universe of Lawomon and pits players against The One True King, a powerful ruler who is corrupt to the core, who has now teleported his palace to the top of a coastal town. Ahead of of the awakened king Following the reveal and release, got a chance to see the DLC in action and talk to game designers Ben Cureton and Cindy To about their creation. awakened king Looks like it’s ready to double the best parts relic 2 Which could be the biggest location in the game so far.

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The Awakened King is a new campaign available to everyone who has unlocked Lawsmon relic 2, It is slightly larger than a single world and brings with it a new story, an archetype called The Ritualist, and several new weapons, items, bosses, enemies, suffixes, and rituals. ‘ look at the DLC Beginning in one of its first areas, Cureton slowly navigates the lower levels of the city and takes on new enemies, such as those who can climb walls and ceilings and spit acid.

The developers highlighted how a goal awakened king The idea was to create a much larger area for players to explore. while many relic 2 With locations being more linear or restrictive in where players can go and procedurally generated by whatever players come across, this DLC aims to allow players to go almost anywhere, from the docks of this coastal town to the One True King’s castle. Have to give permission. Points of interest and narrative content are scattered throughout these vast areas. One memorable encounter introduced the man known as the Dire Fiend, while another saw some of the town’s citizens fight against the player after stumbling upon an anti-fae rally.

The player fights an enemy in Remnant 2's The Awakened King DLC.
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This large scope is impressive, but it also means that the overworld awakened king Is more stable. While in many zones relic 2 Run to Run may be undergoing drastic changes, Gunfire Games is experimenting with placing players in a less randomized world awakened king, That said, the developers have still confirmed that it does have procedurally generated elements such as loot the player can obtain, enemy suffixes, or small dungeons or mini-bosses that the player must complete as they explore this coastal town and reach the castle. Will find out during.

“There were some biomes in the retail game where part of the world was frozen,” Cureton tells . “What we wanted to do here was to expand on that kind of curated experience, while having all of its additional content still procedurally generated, but built around the core of this city. “This is an experiment that we are trying.”

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Next, the developers brought me deeper into the DLC, where the player can explore The One True King’s castle. It is quite ornate, a stark contrast to the deserted coastal town where players begin the DLC. Finally, we meet a boss named Bruin, Blade of the King. boss fights were my favorite part relic 2, and this new one did not disappoint. Bruin was aggressive, constantly throwing powerful strikes at the player. A particularly brutal attack will kill the player instantly if they are affected by low health. However, the developers immediately stressed that attacks that can kill players at full health will be a very rare occurrence with DLC owners knowing that players don’t like them.

The key to doing well in this fight is to target the skull chest plate worn by the Bruin. Once it is destroyed, its weak point is exposed, and players will have the opportunity to gain the upper hand by bouncing around the Bruin’s attacks in a cross-shaped area. The developers reiterate that boss battles are still an essential part of the game to get right in this DLC, going into more detail about how awakened kingThe sophisticated boss arena design plays an important role in this.

“The arenas tend to be teeming with boss types,” he tells . “It is equally effective to present a problem to the player in the field relative to his owners. We wanted to make sure that we looked across the board at what the bosses did, paid attention to what made certain bosses and arenas memorable, and took that into account when designing new bosses and arenas for this DLC. kept.

Bruin is a boss in Remnant 2's The Awakened King DLC.
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awakened king It looks like it will offer players everything they want relic 2, on an even larger scale. Gunfire is experimenting with a more stable overworld, but the visual design awakened kingThe coastal town and castle are still memorable, and the various dynamic encounters and bosses players can find as entertaining as ever. If you have already played relic 2 A lot more and if you’re looking to get even more replay value out of it, this DLC will massively deliver more than what you could want.

awakened king Launches on November 14th and can be purchased for $10 or as part of relic 2 $25 DLC bundle, which will also provide access to future DLC.

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