This new AI animation tool is blowing people’s minds

More AI tools are coming out to add advanced features to popular generators already available, and the latest is blowing people’s minds.

Runway, an AI research company, recently introduced the second generation of its Motion Brush tool, which helps animate aspects of AI-generated images, such as those created in MidJourney. The simple brush tool feels like magic for animating images – which is always true when the AI ​​gets it right. The video below, as posted by an AI enthusiast, Rory FlynnShows the new tool in action.

Many creators are already enjoying the Motion Brush tool, which brings to life static images like trucks driving down a dirt road, drawing nature scenes, moving people and animals, leaves turning in the wind, and swirling clouds. are doing. The runway also showed examples of creating waterfalls, fish in tanks, fire and smoke from a burning cigarette.

Motion Brush works by uploading an image to the service. choose start from image and then choose motion brush tool. Then use it to create a highlight on the area of ​​the image you want to animate. You can also create an image within the runway using the text prompt before using the motion brush. Confirm the horizontal, vertical, and proximity controls at the bottom of the screen, and then press save, Once saved, you can generate the video by selecting it increase 4s button. You can also click increase 4s To increase the video length again to 16 seconds. The generated videos are available for downloading, sharing, and use in other editors, among other functions.

Some features that you can use together are the Motion Brush and camera controls, which allow you to move aspects of the image while panning or zooming the camera at the same time. Other updated features include Gen-2 Style presets, which allow you to add style to content without prompting, and Director Mode updates that allow adjustments to camera moves in a fraction of a second.

Runway Motion Brush Preview.

Its interface resembles most image or video editors. Depending on your price tier you will have access to different features and limitations on the service, including Basic, Standard, Pro, Unlimited or Enterprise. Currently, the Motion Brush tool is in beta, making it available to all Runway members.

In addition to the motion brush update, Runway also recently introduced new Gen-2 style presets and updated camera controls, among other features. the company said On its X (formerly Twitter) profile.

Runway is free to sign up and you can use Google or Apple as sign-up options. Single-use sign-on is also only available for the Enterprise tier.

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