3 movies and TV shows like Saltburn you have to watch

in the new movie saltburnA talented, but poor young man (Banshees of InishreinBarry Keoghan) befriends a rich and charismatic fellow student (PriscillaJacob Elordi) and is introduced to the British upper class. Many temptations arise, and some tears (and perhaps even a little blood) are shed. If that plot detail sounds a little familiar, that’s because it is.

saltburn Its effect wears on its well-crafted sleeve talented mr ripley And Brideshead Revisited The two are often cited as sources of inspiration in most reviews. For all its faults, one thing is that saltburn The good thing is that it whets one’s appetite for other movies that are similar to it. The following is a brief list of old and new movies and shows that are similar in tone and subject matter to Emerald Fennell’s new film, and that will satisfy the desires of even the most demanding people. saltburn fan.

The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)

In The Talented Mr. Ripley, a man watches another man.

This is an obvious recommendation, but it’s also the one that makes the most sense. saltburnThemes of upper class and repressed sexual desire. Anthony Minghella’s brilliant take on Patricia Highsmith’s classic thriller stars Matt Damon as Tom Ripley, a poor American who is lured by a wealthy shipping magnate to Italy to help his wayward son, Dickie Greenleaf (Oscar-nominated Jude Law). Is entrusted with the task of bringing it back. Once in Dickie’s presence, Tom becomes attracted to Dickie’s luxurious lifestyle, Dickie’s girlfriend Marge (Gwyneth Paltrow), and Dickie himself. A murder occurs, identities are stolen, crimes are exposed and Tom becomes both hunter and hunted.

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If any movie could ever captivate you, it’s this one. It assembles one of the most beautiful casts of all time (Damon, Law, Paltrow, and co-star Cate Blanchett have never looked more beautiful than a movie star), featuring stunning on-location cinematography of sun-drenched southern Italy. It does, and it has a vital, jazzy feel to it. Score by Gabriel Yared that will leave you a little confused. Like saltburn, talented mr ripley Combines surface-level thrills with a poignant character study, and what was fun if a bloody romp through decadent Europe becomes, in its final moments, a haunting portrait of a man struggling to become someone other than himself. Is freed from his will.

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The Riot Club (2014)

Two men are sitting on a couch in The Riot Club.

A film about a privileged class at a prestigious British university? check. Directed by a talented female filmmaker (in this case, An EducationLon Scherfig)? check. Focusing on toxic relationships between immaculately dressed privileged handsome young men? check. Although this is not a thriller, riot club shares a lot of similarities with saltburn You would think Fennell was remaking this.

The film follows two newcomers to Oxford University, the arrogant Alistair (The Hunger Games: Catching FireSam Claflin) and the idealistic Miles (Max Irons, Jeremy’s son), who are recruited into the Riot Club, a hedonistic private club dedicated to the pursuit of money and pleasure. One night in a bar, an event occurs that changes Alistair and Miles’ lives forever, and puts the other members of the club in danger. It’s not a masterpiece, but riot club It’s superficially entertaining, with ample beautiful scenery (the scenery on location is gorgeous) and beautiful people doing terrible things to pass the time pleasantly.

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Line of Beauty (2006)

Two men jump near a pool in The Line of Beauty.

Almost forgotten today, this excellent three-episode BBC miniseries, adapted from Alan Hollinghurst’s acclaimed 2004 novel, does a better job than saltburn To capture a specific time and place (1980s Great Britain) and say something about it. The plot concerns Nick Guest (Downton AbbeyDan Stevens, in one of his first roles), a recent Oxford graduate, is invited to stay at the posh Notting Hill home of his wealthy friend Toby Fadden’s family. Once there, Nick becomes infatuated with Toby’s sister and parents, and eventually becomes a permanent resident of their home, while continuing to hide his homosexuality from his proper and posh surrogate family.

Different saltburn, beauty line This is not a thriller; The only deaths that do occur are due to the very real threat of the AIDS epidemic, which looms over the entire miniseries like a grim specter. Nick encounters real-life figures such as Margaret Thatcher, and through his relationship with the Feddens, viewers are able to see England as it was under Conservative rule in the 80s. Although not as much fun on the surface, beauty line Far more satisfying than Saltburn as both a drama and a darkly comic satire of the upper class.

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