Best Buy just slashed the price of this Samsung 55-inch 4K T…

Samsung TU69OT 4K Smart TV on media cabinet in living room.

Best Buy has one of the best TV deals for anyone looking for a cheap 4K TV. Currently you can buy the Samsung 55-inch TU690T 4K TV for only $350. That’s a savings of $80 off the regular price of $430, which is a good deal for anyone wanting a well-known branded TV. Read on as we tell you what else you need to know before pressing the buy button.

Why you should buy the Samsung 55-inch TU690T 4K TV

Although the Samsung 55-inch TU690T 4K TV won’t compete with the best TVs, it’s still worth considering due to it being made by one of the best TV brands. The TV offers all the essentials you need and a few extra features.

It features a PurColor crystal display so you can enjoy colors exactly as they are meant to appear. The Samsung 55-inch TU690T 4K TV also has Crystal Processor 4K so you can enjoy advanced content even if you’re watching something that’s typically HD standard. Additionally, apart from the 4K resolution, the Samsung 55-inch TU690T 4K TV has HDR support to enhance the wide spectrum of colors and visual details seen on the screen. The display panel is also direct lit so that the contrast between black and white becomes even better here.

Apart from looking great, the Samsung 55-inch TU690T 4K TV is also easy to use, as it comes with Samsung’s Tizen OS built-in. Through this, you can easily find everything you want to watch with all your favorite apps and services available here. It takes seconds to find the latest shows and movies just a click away.

Essentially, the Samsung 55-inch TU690T 4K TV is perfect for a living room if you have the budget, but it’s also a great fit for a bedroom, den, or anywhere else you want to add a TV to your home. It’s a great option. It usually costs $430 but right now, you can buy it from Best Buy for just $350. A significant $80 drop in price has made purchasing a reputable brand even more accessible for most people. Check it out now by hitting the buy button below. At this price it’s unlikely to stick around for long, so if this sounds like the TV you need in your life then don’t miss it.

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