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Even if your router is only four or five years old, it may be time to upgrade, as recent advancements in router technology, such as Wi-Fi 6, have become much more prominent. The same applies to mesh routers, which have more advanced technology that can handle multiple connected devices, like smart lights, home security systems, phones, and more. Of course, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to buy yourself a new router, and there are even some great Black Friday deals you can take advantage of, saving you a little extra cash. We’ve collected some of our favorite deals on routers below, but be sure to check back regularly as we update with new and better deals.
Best Router Black Friday Deals

If you don’t have a big house or need to cover a lot of square footage, routers are a great option, and having them means you’ll get better speeds and less latency when connecting via Wi-Fi. Is available. Of course, this may not always be an option, so it’s important to know what kind of capacity and speeds a router can do. Most routers have an “AX” followed by a set of numbers that determines the maximum speed, and the general rule is that this maximum speed only applies if you’re really close to the router, so forward The further you go, the less speed you will get. This isn’t perfect, but generally more powerful routers that can reach higher speeds will be able to connect at even greater speeds from a distance, although it’s always best to check the actual real-world performance of the router before making a decision. It is good.

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