This clearance sale gets you an 8K TV for less than $1,000

Samsung QN700B QLED 8K TV mounted on a wall, with a ripple on the screen.

If you define the quality of a TV by the amount of pixels it contains, not its size, then this is one of the best TV deals you can buy. This is the Samsung 55-inch Class QN700B Neo QLED 8K Smart TV, which surprisingly costs less than $1,000. It’s available to you as part of a clearance deal through Best Buy, which you can check out by tapping the button below. There, you’ll find something that can compete for a slot among the best 8K TVs at a price of just $960. That’s $640 less than the usual $1,600, meaning it’s a great time to save.

Why you should buy the Samsung 55-inch Class QN700B Neo QLED 8K TV

The first and most important thing to consider about the Samsung QN700B is how much you will appreciate its resolution, as resolution is its primary feature. 4K TVs, which are the next step “down” (they’re still really good), are 2160p. An 8K TV like the Samsung QN700B is 4320p. Although this number is exactly double the previous number, it actually represents four times the quality. What was once one pixel has become four. To put this in perspective, Samsung reports that the Samsung QN700B has 33 million pixels.

However, a TV is not just pixels. What else does the Samsung QN700B have in store for us? To make all programming incredible, it uses an internal processor to upscale everything to 8K quality and, for content made for high dynamic range, will display in HDR 32X. Speed ​​acceleration, increased depth, and console-free Xbox gaming are also among the high-quality benefits available to Samsung QN700B owners.

As a reminder, this clearance deal on the Samsung QN700B is available right now. By tapping the button below, you’ll get the TV (normally $1,600) for just $960. That’s a savings of $640. If your budget is higher, there are other great 8K TV deals to look at, but you won’t find a good deal for a lower price than this. So, to make sure you get this great price, you need to tap the button below and check out through Best Buy. We don’t know when it will go away.

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