Best Samsung tablet deals: Get an Android tablet from $99

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ lying on a pillow.
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If you’ve been checking out all the latest tablet deals for a chance to buy a Samsung tablet at a lower price, we’ve got your back. We’ve got all the best Samsung tablet deals listed below, neatly cataloged so you can quickly find the perfect slate for your needs. The options below cover many different price ranges, so whether you’re looking for something cheap and cute or something more high-quality, you’re in luck here. If you want something more fruit-flavoured, we’ve got all the best iPad deals available too.

Best Samsung Tablet Deals

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite in hands.

You won’t see the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite on any best Android tablets lists, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth checking out. This tablet is ideal for you to entertain your kids on long journeys or when you want some free time. It has a compact 8.7-inch screen with a sturdy metal frame to protect it. A long-lasting battery is equally useful for long trips so you can stay connected to YouTube or your favorite streaming service without any interruptions. It also has multi-device connectivity if you have other Samsung devices, so it’s easy to swap between your other phones or tablets. Right now, the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite has been dropped from $126 to $99 at Walmart, so you can save $27. This is an excellent deal if you want something simple but useful for occasional tablet use.

Other Samsung tablet deals we liked

Quick settings panel on Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra.
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Samsung makes a wide range of different tablets catering to many different price points and needs. Like its phone range, you can buy a relatively cheap tablet for occasional use or invest in something higher-end if you need a more tactile laptop replacement for your plans. Products like the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra represent the most powerful and best tablets out there, while there are also tablets like the Galaxy Tab A8 and S6 for cheaper but still good performance. One thing to consider is the screen size you need, with Samsung offering many different options. Storage space is not an issue as you can upgrade the storage at any time later via a new microSD card.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5-inch 64GB —

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4-inch 64GB —

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE 10.9-inch 128GB —

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 11-inch 128GB —

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ 12.4-inch 128GB —

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra 14.6-inch 128GB —

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