Is Scott Pilgrim the best comic book story ever?

Few comics outside the world of comic book films and superheroes have had a greater influence in recent years than Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. The story was created by writer Brian Lee O’Malley and tells the story of a man named Scott living in Toronto who is forced to battle the evil ex-girlfriends of a girl he is interested in.

legacy of scott pilgrim It only grew after a film adaptation was released several years later and became a cult classic in its own right. Now, with the new animated series adaptation scott pilgrim flew When it comes to streaming on Netflix, we’re here to make that case scott pilgrim The best comic book ever. Here are 10 reasons why:

It has a unique sensitivity

Scott Pilgrim with the cast

Probably the first thing you’ll notice when you open a Scott Pilgrim comic is that it’s not like most comics. It has its own style, its own sense of humor and it creates a completely different world.

A lot of the comics you read may feel interchangeable, even if they’re about different characters or set in different locations. Scott Pilgrim manages to feel different in a fairly crowded marketplace, and that’s a big reason why it’s so successful.

It draws from a wide range of influences

Scott Pilgrim with Ramona

One of the more remarkable things about Scott Pilgrim is that it uses a myriad of different influences to tell its story. Many manga creators have acknowledged the similarity between the battles scott pilgrim and his work, but the comic is also pulling from video game-like formulations mortal kombat 1,

The combination of effects creates a completely different tone and, equally important, the effects are all out and in the open. It’s genre entertainment, and it’s extremely comfortable to be.

It translated well to the big screen

Scott Pilgrim playing with his band

Although many of the best comic book stories don’t work as films, it speaks well of Scott Pilgrim’s reach that the film version managed to achieve such tremendous success.

Having director Edgar Wright behind the project certainly doesn’t hurt, but the self-contained nature of Scott Pilgrim, as well as its easily understood concept, make it perfect for an interesting, visually entertaining adaptation. . Not all great comics get the silver screen treatment they deserve, but the fact that Scott Pilgrimdid certainly doesn’t hurt its legacy.

It has a complex hero

Scott Pilgrim's eyes are bugging out

One of the best things about Scott is that, as a character, he’s not always the easiest person to get along with. He has complicated relationships with his bandmates and is dating a 17-year-old girl despite being 23 years old.

All of this makes him a bit thorny, and while he certainly has his charms, they’re counterbalanced by things that might make you question why you’re rooting for this guy. That ambiguity provides some nice shade to a hero’s story that is otherwise a bit straightforward, and ultimately makes the comics more interesting.

It manages to differentiate each of its villains

All the evil exiles are upset in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
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Part of the conceit of Scott Pilgrims is that he fights various outcasts over the course of the film, but one of the comic’s most notable achievements is that it manages to make each of these villains distinct from one another. There’s a vegan, a hipster, a skateboarder, and of course, Gideon, leader of the League of Evil Axis and a master manipulator.

These formers aren’t always necessarily complete characters, but they still feel visually distinct from each other, so much so that you can probably name at least half of them off the top of your head.

It doesn’t take itself seriously

scott pilgrim
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Although stories that are overly self-reflexive and unserious can get a little tiring, scott pilgrim Manages to be light on its feet while still taking its characters and its world seriously.

Scott feels like a very regular guy who lives in a universe where crazy things happen, and it’s this mix of elements that makes the comic so consistently fun. Lots of comics fully earn their immense seriousness, but Scott Pilgrim never opts for such a serious tone, and it’s an important reminder that comics are supposed to be fun at least sometimes.

It turns small-scale bets into much bigger bets

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World on Netflix
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The central premise of Scott Pilgrims is both absurd and simple, and that’s what makes it work. The film tells the story of a boy who meets a girl and wants to be with her, but discovers that first he must defeat all of her evil ex-girlfriends in battle.

It’s really a movie about overcoming the past to form a new relationship, but it uses the best possible metaphor to get around that idea. Instead of suggesting that the world is about to end, it’s actually the relationship at stake and how much Scott cares about it, and the comic is even better for that smaller scale.

It is set in a completely realized world

Two men fight in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
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When you first sit down to read Scott Pilgrim, you might be inclined to think that it’s pulling its influences from too many different places, or that the comic itself is too busy. However, one of the wonders of Scott Pilgrim is that the comic never feels like it’s disjointed or random. Instead, it manages to pull together those influences to create a world that is entirely its own.

As soon as you understand all the different elements that the comic is pulling from, you know what’s going to happen. Does being vegetarian give people special powers in this universe? Yes, and that’s what makes this universe special.

it didn’t last very long

Scott rests his head on his girlfriend Ramona's shoulder in a scene from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
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Many of the best comic book stories have lost some of their luster by being around for too long, but scott pilgrim End at exactly the right place, tell your story and reach a fitting conclusion.

One reason a comic can be adapted so neatly into a movie is that it simply tells a single story, promises a climax and then delivers it exactly that rather than finding artificial ways to continue the story. as your wish. Issue.

it has a happy ending

Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
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Although Scott is a very complex person, one thing that a defined story length gives you is the chance to end your story on a happy note. Scott moves in with Ramona, starts a new band where he can play songs just for fun, and finds a way to move on with his life.

It’s a satisfying conclusion that doesn’t overstay its welcome, and it’s a fitting end to a comic that has, above all, been a lot of fun to read.

scott pilgrim flew and live-action Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Both are streaming on Netflix.

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