These Shokz bone conduction headphones are $80 off right now

A runner wearing Shokz OpenRun Pro bone conduction headphones.

We’re in the valley between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, which means great deals keep popping up (or, at least, continuing to do so) daily. For example, we’re seeing the Shokz OpenRun Pro being discounted by up to $100, which is $80 off their original $180. They’re a unique style of headphones, bone conduction, that don’t need to go in the ear to function well. This makes them particularly suitable for outdoor play, where you need to be able to hear your surroundings at all times. You can check them out for yourself by tapping the button below, or read on to find out more about the Bone Conduction Headphones and the Shockz OpenRun Pro.

Why should you buy Shokz OpenRun Pro?

The first thing to consider about the Shokz OpenRun Pro is their nature. As bone conduction Headphones, the style will feel completely different than before. When we talked about bone conduction headphones, we mentioned that this style of headphones sends vibrations directly through the cheeks and into the inner ear. They work similarly to cochlear implants, which help some people with hearing loss hear better, and may be better for them. Some? People with hearing loss. To everyone else, their open nature makes them indispensable Antonym Noise-canceling headphones let the whole world in while you listen to your music.

then what about Shokz OpenRun Pro, especially? These are considered to be the best bone conduction headphones due to their sturdy frame and comfortable fit. The band of the Shokz OpenRun Pro is a tough titanium and fits comfortably behind the head, but not uncomfortably. This allows for the right level of comfort, strong enough to transmit vibrations to the inner ear, but not so tight that it hurts. If you’re an athlete, you’ll also appreciate their IP55 dust and water (aka sweat) resistance.

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Once again, this holiday deal you can get the Shokz OpenRun Pro for just $100. That’s $80 less than the normal $180 you’ll get when it’s not on sale. At this point, it seems almost as likely that this deal will end before Cyber ​​Monday or continue for the extended holiday period, we can’t really be sure. However, we know the only way to seal this deal is to buy now. Just tap the button below to find this Best Buy deal on their website.

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