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With so many Black Friday deals on the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series Even if discounted, no console is very cheap so you’ll want to make the right decision for your situation. We’ve already selected the best Black Friday Xbox Series S deals as well as the best Black Friday Xbox Series To help you further, we’ve picked out our favorite deals and taken a closer look at what might be best for you.

Microsoft Xbox Series S – $250, was $300

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The Microsoft Xbox Series S is an ideal secondary console. Unclear? Do not become. This is the console to snap up so you can play the best games on Xbox Game Pass without needing a PC or anything more expensive. If you already have a PlayStation 5, it’s the perfect compatibility. If this is your first current-gen console, you’ll also appreciate that despite being small, the Microsoft Xbox Series S packs plenty of power with gameplay at up to 120 fps, backward compatibility with Xbox One games, and useful features like Quick Resume. Is. You can quickly dive straight back in. It uses most Xbox One accessories so it’s a simple upgrade. This is a digital console with no disc drive, but this is where Xbox Game Pass will give you a lot of options with the console coming with a three-month subscription.

Microsoft Xbox Series

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The Microsoft Xbox Series Like the Xbox Series S, there’s support for most Xbox One accessories, plus Quick Resume lets you get back into the game faster. The best Xbox Series You can enjoy gaming at 4K quality, unlike the Microsoft Xbox Series S, which is based on 1440p quality, while there is a disc drive for physical games.

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Which Xbox should I buy?

For many people, the Xbox Series S will be perfect. Although it won’t play games at 4K resolution, it will play all the same games as the Series It lacks a disc drive but one of the biggest strengths of the Xbox is the Xbox Game Pass so there are a lot of games that you can download on the console. If you want the most powerful Xbox, you’ll need the Series This is ideal with a great 4K TV to show what good games can look like. However, if you don’t need the best, the Microsoft Series S will do the job well without spending much.

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