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Threads launched in the summer of 2023 and was almost immediately dubbed the “Twitter killer” and anticipated to be a strong competitor to the newly renamed X (formerly Twitter).

A woman runs a business from a laptop while one hand holds a smartphone displaying the Threads logo;  Should my business use Threads?

All the hype surrounding the launch of Meta’s newest property may have you wondering, “Should my business use Threads?”

Social media apps come and go, plus time is precious in the world of marketing, so you’re probably hesitant to expand your brand to such a new platform.

Here are some of the benefits and concerns related to Threads that provide clarity and help you make decisions that best match your business.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Instagram Threads

There are benefits to having a Threads account for your business. However, the platform is still very new and has some shortcomings.

properties of threads

quick follow up

Since Threads connects to your Instagram account, your followers from Instagram are transferred to Threads – as long as they have their accounts.

This feature makes it easier to build a larger platform on the app because you don’t have to start from scratch.

Your verification badge, profile photo, and bio are all transferred to your account, making consistent branding between platforms easy.

Increase in awareness and engagement

Threads is still in its infancy. As I write this article, Threads has only been available for less than three months. Brands are usually the first to benefit when signing up for a new platform.

Leveraging a new platform as soon as possible will allow your business to establish a strong brand identity and following before algorithms change and brand engagement opportunities are put behind a paywall.

Opportunity to reach younger audiences

If you want to attract a Gen-Z audience, Threads will help you reach your goal.

Right now, there isn’t much information to cite regarding the platform’s user demographics, but according to Statista, 40.1% of Gen-Zers who downloaded the app did so because it seemed fun.

Nearly 38% said they downloaded it to try a new platform, and 1 in 5 said they were looking for an alternative to X.

There’s little data about how many Gen Z social media users are on Threads, but they are there and interested in the app.

Since Threads is relatively new, you can build a long-term relationship with Gen Z on the platform before future changes make engagement more difficult.

cons of threads

Can’t delete threads

ok you can do Delete threads, but not without deleting your Instagram account – so you won’t be able to delete threads without seriously damaging your brand’s social media presence.

This is especially troublesome if you rely on ecommerce tools like Instagram Shopping.

Lack of some searchable features

Threads recently introduced a keyword search feature, allowing users to find posts featuring the words in their queries.

However, Instagram Threads still doesn’t support hashtags, so they can’t be used to find your target audience or help your audience find your brand.

Threads also doesn’t have a Discovery page like Instagram, which will show content from accounts you might not follow but are interested in.

The absence of important search features can make it difficult to grow your audience or reach new audiences.

Luckily, Threads is constantly releasing new updates to make the platform more user-friendly and functional for consumers and brands.

Impressions or engagement cannot be tracked

Unlike Instagram, X, Facebook or other social media sites, Threads has no tools to track KPIs such as engagement rates, impressions, watch time, etc.

Although you can see post likes, replies, and comments, it is difficult to track your brand’s performance and ROI on the platform.

As a result, you may have trouble figuring out what type of content resonates most with your followers.

Looks like enthusiasm for the app is waning

Within a day of its launch, Threads gained 30 million users, making it the fastest-growing platform in history – surpassing ChatGPIT. A month later, Threads user numbers dropped 82% from launch.

Our recent Glimpse survey regarding Threads and X found that 62% of X users have used the app for at least an hour since July 2023. Only 21% said the same about threads.

Additionally, as of August 1, the average time of threads on the app dropped to just 2.9 minutes per day. Unfortunately, data shows that Threads’ daily active user count continues to decline by about 1% per day.

Should Your Brand Be on Threads?

So, should your brand take advantage of Threads? My answer – Why not,

Yes, the platform is struggling to keep pace and still needs some searchability and data-tracking features.

However, its integration with Instagram still provides plenty of opportunities to expand your brand on social media, building community and increasing awareness.

Threads is especially beneficial if you already have an Instagram account.

As I said, the app instantly imports your followers, profile photo, verification badge, and bio into your Threads account – helping you grow your platform.

If you want a limited chance to be among the first brands to build a strong community on an upcoming platform, Threads may be right for you.

However, if building a community on social media isn’t a priority, the app shouldn’t be a priority right now.

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