Like the hit Netflix series Bodies? Then watch these three s…

Due to its unconventional premise, there are few shows similar to it. bodies, The new Netflix series, which follows four British detectives from different points in history who are all investigating the same crime, is a fairly unique spin on the crime procedural.

As a result, finding shows that feel just like that bodies Might be a bit challenging. Luckily, we’ve pulled together some alternatives that will give you some of the same things you loved bodies,


This German Netflix series is one of the more twisty, complex sci-fi shows on the streamer, but it’s also one of the more rewarding. dark It is set in a small town where some children go missing, forcing the entire town to reckon with its dark past and secrets that have been buried for a generation.

dark Its story also has distinct science fiction elements added to it, connecting the present day city with the past of 1986. It may require a diagram to figure out exactly what’s going on as the chain dives down and down the rabbit hole, but as long as you have some time to do your research, you’ll definitely find it. will take dark Exceptionally profitable.

dark Streaming on Netflix.

true Detective

Although subsequent seasons have been slightly less satisfactory, true DetectiveThe first season had a very compelling thread, and one that also used the passage of time to great effect.

Because it splits its time between the present, decades after the initial investigation, and the past when the murders at the center of the show were fresh, we get multiple perspectives on how the case unfolds and ultimately resolves itself. Although true Detective does not have the same scope of time bodiesBoth shows share an interest in the way time can affect an investigation.

true Detective Streaming on Max.

twin Peaks

Few series in TV history have been more terrifying or influential than this twin Peaks, The show, which tells the story of an FBI agent who arrives in a small town in Washington to investigate the murder of a high school girl, was often extremely unrealistic and disturbing, even if you never followed the entire story. Couldn’t understand what was happening.

bodies There’s definitely a more literal show than this. twin Peaks, but subsequent series explored the darkness behind the murder in a way that few other shows have been able to capture. One part soap opera and one part riveting detective drama, twin Peaks It’s become the ultimate cult show, and it’s easy to understand why. Its influence also extends to video games, where recent releases alan wake 2 has revived interest in the show, which continues to appear in popular culture.

twin Peaks Streaming on Paramount+.

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