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The Sims 4: City LivingOne of the game’s many expansion packs, first introduced habitable apartments in 2016. For longtime Sims players, this was a welcome addition to the most recent iteration of the long-running series. But since then, players have demanded more freedom in both apartment gameplay (i.e., a Sims family living in an apartment) and building.

Sims 4: For Rent The expansion is looking to step up and provide players with some long-requested features that were not previously available. At a preview event, lead producer Rebecca Doyle and lead designer Jessica Croft walked press members through the expansion pack’s features, and even offered the opportunity to play as the owner of the estate.

for rent There’s a lot involved, from entirely new ways to earn income as a property owner to expanding the types of buildings that players will be able to construct. And also wish fulfilling sims While this can happen at times, especially when it comes to living separate careers, being a landlord and tenant comes with some real challenges that reflect the real world.

Let’s talk about multi-residential plots

The big, interesting change coming with this expansion pack is that multi-residential lots will now be available in The Sims franchise for the first time. Residential Lots is a playable section within the game where players can build houses and play with their Sims families. First for rent When announced, you can expect to play with a Sims family, with up to eight Sims on the same lot at any time.

Two Sims sit and talk at an outdoor cafe table at night.

for rent Introduces multi-residential lots that will allow players to build multi-unit homes where multiple Sims families can live – with a normal household limit of all eight Sims. There is a limit of six units per lot, which will support a total of 48 potential Sims tenants. This is already inviting a lot of chaos while playing, but players will be happy to know that there is a cheat that will easily expand the number of units that can be made per lot if you are looking for an extra challenge. Are in.

These new multi-residential lots (known as residential rentals) can be anything from a single room that you want to rent out, to multiple apartments in one building, to something huge like a trailer park. This new ability to have multiple families in one place also opens up all kinds of different storytelling possibilities. You can decide to play with multiple generations in one large house, have a group of friends share a smaller house, or even have one Sim who wants to rent out different parts of their house. Is.

landlord vs tenant

Residential renting brings a new role for Sims: property owner. As a property owner, Sims will be responsible for maintaining each of their rentals and making sure their tenants are happy. A unique feature is that the property owner Sim can choose to live among his or her tenants or call an entirely separate residence home.

A female Sim with dark brown hair fixes an elderly Sim's broken water heater.

Whatever way players choose to bring their Sims to life, it’ll be important to stay on top of all the little details of owning rental properties. Sims will encounter a variety of unwanted surprises including pest infestations, broken items like water heaters and fuse boxes, and mold. Property owners need to address these issues to keep tenants happy and prevent their ratings from falling. If the property’s rating drops, Sims may face a tenant revolt.

Property owners will be able to visit each rental property, inspect it at will, and even evict Sims without any “justifiable” reason (though such evictions will have negative consequences).

Maintenance of property and maintaining good relations between property owners and tenants is not the only task for rent, As can be expected from a new expansion pack, there are also new aspirations and features for players to explore. Aspirations include being both a five-star rental property owner and a savvy resident and source of world-class knowledge. Five new traits are available including Nosy, Cringe, Village Child, Generous and, for the first time, the elder-specific trait Intelligent.

welcome to tomarang

Whereas for rent Bringing forth many new gameplay features, we can’t forget to check out the new world of Tomarang. A location inspired by Southeast Asia, Tomrang has two neighborhoods and many different community activities for Sims to explore. Community activities include a tiger sanctuary, a botanical garden, a fish market, and a night market featuring vendors and unique food options that can only be found in Tomarang.

A night market illuminated with colorful lights has many vending stalls.

There are also a total of nine new lots to choose from, including starter homes and community lots like the Botanical Garden. Players who enjoy building on smaller lots can expect two 20 by 15 and three 20 by 20 lots spread across both neighborhoods. Stepping into the shoes of a property owner is not just limited to the colorful world of Tomarang; Residential rental can be made at any habitable location sims 4 Worlds, from the base game world like Willow Creek to expanded locations like Britchester.

If you’ve been really fantasizing about how much you want to try your hand at playing with The Sims or you’ve always wanted to live out your landlord dreams, for rent Ultimately putting the power in your hands.

Sims 4: For Rent The expansion pack will launch on December 7, 2023 on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series

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