Some Pixel 8 Pro owners are reporting a display color issue

Google’s new Pixel phones began shipping last week but there are already concerns over an apparent issue with the display on the Pro version of the new device.

According to various reports, some Pixel 8 Pro owners are seeing a yellow or pink tint on certain parts of the screen – usually the top or near the edges – which is clearly only visible when the device’s Always On Display is activated. It happens.

Specifically, it seems that text that should appear white is appearing yellow before turning reddish-pink after several seconds.

Some comments in forums discussing this issue have suggested that it could be linked to the Pixel 8 Pro’s variable refresh rate between 1Hz and 120Hz as the off-white text only appears when the display is running at 1Hz. yes.

The more affordable Pixel 8’s refresh rate runs between 60Hz and 120Hz and doesn’t seem to cause any issues.

That said, it’s not entirely clear whether this is a hardware or software issue, and Google has yet to publicly acknowledge it. However, several Pixel 8 Pro owners are claiming that they have been offered a replacement Pixel 8 Pro by Google after contacting them about this issue.

As complaints mount, you’d like to think that Google engineers are already investigating the apparent flaw and will be in a position to offer a solution soon.

There are worse problems for phones, but if you don’t want to see off-white text on your Pixel 8 Pro’s display, try turning off Always On Display and Variable Refresh Rate. After that, sit back and wait for the solution. Or contact Google.

By most accounts, the Pixel Pro 8 is a great device, notable for its great design, vibrant display, excellent cameras, and long-term support, among other positives. In ‘ hands-on review, the phone fell short on only three counts: battery life, charging speed, and the surprising inclusion of a temperature sensor.

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