I’m a lifelong Sonic fan. Here’s why I’m loving Sonic Dream …

Shortly after I was 9 years old, my cousin re-introduced me to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle On the GameCube, I had a dream that awakened my love for Sonic forever when I woke up. In that dream, Eggman kidnapped me for some nefarious purpose, sealing me in a capsule with a weapon that could potentially destroy the planet. The details of that dream are vague – most dreams are – but I remember that Sonic rushed to defeat Eggman and save me, and put an end to his evil plans once and for all.

Trailer of Twenty Years Later sonic dream team The scenes reminded me of the sonic lost world and animated sequences (including a full opening cinematic in which Eggman has multiple weapons, like Spider-Man spirited Away) by none other than Sonic illustrator Tyson Heise. The title alone reminded me of my 9-year-old dream, and I got the chance to relive it by plugging my iPhone into my Backbone controller (an experience I highly recommend, by the way).

play sonic dream team This isn’t a form of dream therapy for me (as strange as my dreams have been over the past few months) but rather a look at what makes this title different from the other Sonic mobile games in developer Sega Hardlight’s portfolio. Is. I sonic dash And Sonic Forces: Speed ​​Battle In the past, but they didn’t stick with me for long because of the monotony of micro transactions and endlessly running games. sonic dream team Pulled off both of those things, gave it a cohesive story, gameplay elements from previous Sonic titles, and full-blown voice acting that makes it a recipe for success for a longtime fan like me.

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Reflections on Sonic’s Past

part of what makes sonic dream team The gameplay elements inspired by some of the Sonic games from the last 20 years work remarkably well. Whether released on console or mobile, they served as inspiration during the development of the Apple Arcade-exclusive title Sega Hardlight. appears to be the leading inspiration sonic heroes,

In heroes, players can instantly switch between three characters to overcome obstacles suited to their abilities and types. Speed-type characters jump from wall to wall, use Light Dash to go through rings, perform homing attacks on ground enemies, and Tornado Jump to climb poles, powering flying machines. Provide and extinguish the flames. Flying ranges fly from one point to another and shoot down flying enemies and power heroes attack through walls, larger enemies, cages and catapult flaps.

In dream TeamDepending on the layout of the stage, at the beginning of each stage you can choose only one character from two to six on the screen, and you can switch to another character by clicking their icon at the top-right corner of the screen. Using and choosing them to accomplish what you need to do (although not all steps allow you to do this).

Sonic grinds on the rail in Sonic Dream Team.

For example, if you’re playing as Sonic or Amy and you need to climb a wall to get the Red Star Ring or Dream Orb Shard, you can switch to Knuckles or Rouge to level them up – And it can’t dig in the dirt for once, which is a nice change of pace for them. sonic adventure 2 Gameplay. If you need to fly up to higher areas, simply switch to Tails or Cream and they will hover there with their tails or ears raised respectively. It’s a great callback to the classic era of multicharacter Sonic games that expands on their experiments.

the other two are music sonic lost world And sonic dash, dream Team let’s take it later lost World In terms of its cartoony art style, platforming, and gravity-defying parkour. Seeing screenshots and clips of Scrambled Shores and Nightmare Maze on social media before the game’s release brought back memories of my playing it. lost World On Nintendo 3DS. time bound steps emerge from a little In this you have to push your way through pink-violet rings to reach the goal before the time runs out and get yourself three more seconds. You can use the same speed on other stages and it will still feel exhilarating – until you fall into the bottomless pit. It’s a great blend of the styles of the previous games fused together into a fast platformer.

Dream-weaving a perfect story for mobile

sonic dream team This doesn’t make the gameplay perfect. Sega Hardlight dreamed up a fun story for the game with the help of IDW Sonic comic writer Ian Flynn, who also wrote the script. Sonic Frontiers Last year. The plot revolves around an ancient device called The Reverie, which can turn any person’s dreams into reality. Dr. Eggman, bent on realizing his dreams of world domination as ever, discovers The Reverie and kidnaps Cream in order to give her (and his Chao friend, Cheese) access to the relic. Can be used as a medium. Sonic and the gang attempt to save him, but Reverie nevertheless activates and puts everyone in the room to sleep, and they all enter Eggman’s dream world and help his evil plot play out in the real world. Let’s work together to stop it. Reverie’s patron, from Erym, a ram whose name is a play on the sleep-cycle acronym REM.

The story plays out in cutscenes that are drawn almost like comic book panels and animated sequences that occur before boss fights (and once before tutorials). The comic panel cutscenes are almost reminiscent of the Sonic Storybook series (you know, sonic and the secret rings And Sonic and the Black Knight), Except that the pages are in 3D instead of being illustrated like a storybook. Or in Flynn’s case, like a comic book.

Cream goes through a level in Sonic Dream Team.

Sega Hardlight and Flynn have teamed up with Dan Rosati to weave the perfect story for sonic dream team, creating a miniature adventure that feels like playing a Sonic game and reading a Sonic comic all at once. This is great for any Sonic fan who is left behind by the comics (like me, but I digress). sonic dream team Like some other mobile titles, it also does not require an internet connection to play, making it easy to get a new part of the story on the go, like turning a comic book page.

The voice acting keeps the game’s story moving at a good pace, which is a first for Sega Hardlight as its previous Sonic titles featured no voice acting. My only gripe is with the voice direction for Cream and Rouge. Cream’s voice sounds quite hoarse, but I guess that’s okay because most 6 year olds talk very loudly. Rouge, on the other hand, sounds like the same scene The Lion King Where Scar scratches his claws on the rock wall, almost destroying Zazu’s eardrums.

In my 20 years of being a Sonic fan – and now a professional expert on the franchise – I never thought I’d play a Sonic game set in a dream world like its counterpart to The Blue Blur, nights, forget about mobile Sonic games. Yet, here I am, writing this piece after playing on my iPhone 11. Sega created a big surprise here, even though dream TeamThe exclusivity of Apple Arcade will limit who can enjoy it. From the 2000s-era teamwork systems to the fast pace of Sega Hardlight’s Sonic-themed endless runners, this adventure is a literal dream come true for my 9-year-old self.

sonic dream team Now available on Apple Arcade.

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