The best Suit Tech upgrades in Spider-Man 2

marvel’s spider man 2 It holds nothing back when it comes to expanding on everything that was done in the first game. You have two Spider-Men to control, more districts to explore, tons of additional quests and activities to complete, upgrade content, more skill trees and gadgets to collect, and on top of it all there are suit tech upgrades. You may feel overwhelmed by the number of things to invest in by the time you unlock them, but these may be the most important upgrades to keep an eye on. Like the shared skill tree, these upgrades apply to both characters at the same time and can make the game’s difficulty significantly easier by improving some very important stats on your characters. If you’re feeling exhausted with all the options spider man 2 is already creeping up on you, we’ll break down the best suit tech upgrades you should unlock as soon as possible.

Best Suit Tech Upgrade

The suit tech skill tree in Spider-Man2.
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Suit Tech Upgrades apply all unlocked buffs to both characters and are divided into unique categories. Each has a tree that takes more resources to unlock higher level upgrades, but it also has two branches. You always unlock both options when you reach a branch, but can only equip one at a time.


Focusing on health is your first and foremost priority. The main buffs here are amazing, fantastic and ultimate health upgrades, each of which increases your base HP by 10 points. You may not realize that everything is necessary for better health in the early game, but once you start facing bosses and grunts at the end of the game, which are far more aggressive, You will be begging for more health all the time.

For your branches, rejuvenating parry is the better of the first two options. This lets you heal a certain amount for each parry you make, rather than healing for a perfect dodge, which is harder to accomplish. Life Link is also a thing that works without thinking. This restores some health for each web shooter shot you land, which is a great way to safely bring some life back from a distance.


If you can’t outwit your opponent, overwhelm them with strength! Obviously, you’re going to this tree for the damage it will give you on most levels, and that scaling is almost as important as your health. Enemies can be very spongy later on, so hitting hard will help keep the flow going.

Focused Parry should be your first choice in branches, which goes perfectly with Rejuvenating Parry. For each parry you make, your abilities will recharge a little faster. The Floor Is Lava must also be there. All of your air combo moves will increase damage for each hit you land, up to a maximum increase of 50% until you land. By taking into account all your aerial options, you can easily spend the entire fight aerial and maximize this effect.


Focus bars are your main currency in battle for both finishers and healing. When you start out, you only have one and you’ll probably want to hang onto it just in case you need to fix it, rather than spend it complaining about it. Get at least two, ideally three, sticks from this tree as quickly as possible. While here, make sure to set goals for yourself so that when you hit R3 To scan the environment, any enemies in range will be tagged. It is especially useful in stealth when paired with Eyes on Target. Normally you can only see if an enemy is safe so they can be taken out silently, but this ability lets you see who can see the target you want to trap. Once you’ve done this, you can easily distract or take out your target to open them up to a stealth opportunity.


Traversal is quite basic and not needed at all. Everything here, as you might guess, revolves around moving faster around the map, such as being able to glide for longer periods of time and getting an increase in general speed when swinging your web. . These are nice, but still, will never matter in a fight or story moment. If you have the extra equipment to spend we would still recommend going to one point here, that is Amazing Launch. If you had this skill in the first game you would probably be tapping x When you land after a point launch to get a boost from reflexes. This naturally won’t work until you unlock the skill, so choose this to make that move feel more satisfying.

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