How to fast travel in Spider-Man 2

There are few games in which traveling is as much fun Marvel’s spider man 2, Between the silky smooth swings and the new wingsuit, the expanded New York map is Spider-Man’s playground. However, with the addition of an entirely new section of the map, finding your way from one end to the other will become a time-consuming process. As much fun as traversal is, there will be times when you’re doing sidequests or scavenging for collectibles that you’ll just want to get where you need to be and abandon the journey. spider man 2 The PlayStation 5 pushes the SSD to the limit with fast travel almost instantly, but it takes a little work before you’re able to use it.

How to unlock fast travel

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Fast travel is not only locked by default, but it must be earned for each individual area of ​​the game. Each section of the map has a completion ranking that fills up as you perform activities within it, such as sidequests, photo-ops, Marco’s memories, stopping crimes, and more. Each will boost the total level, with three rewards associated with a set number of points. The first will give you some rare tech parts, but it’s the second we’re looking for. Once you complete about 50%, you will unlock the option to fast travel to that specific area. You’ll have to repeat the process for each city to fully unlock the map.

With fast travel unlocked in one or more areas, you can take advantage of it by opening your map and placing your cursor on the exact location you want to travel to. It may adjust slightly between buildings, but after catching Triangle Push the button down, the game will zoom right in on the map and give you control of Spider-Man while in the middle of a swing or gliding exactly where you wanted to be.

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