All Marko’s Memories locations in Spider-Man 2

starting order of spider man 2 The encounter with iconic villain Sandman, aka Flint Marko, is a massive, technical showpiece. Despite Peter and Miles thwarting the villain’s rampage in the early hours, his influence on the map and the game at large is far from over. Even after being sent to prison on The Raft, the Sandman has left mysterious crystals that are causing trouble throughout the city. These become one of many side activities you can take part in between main missions for some extra rewards like City Tokens. Although they are all optional, completing each of the Marco’s Memories activities reveals a story about a troubled man and someone close to him that is worth exploring. Plus, you’ll have to clear them all if you somehow want to fully complete the game, so let’s detail where you can find each of Marco’s memories. spider man 2,

where to find marco’s memories

Spider-Man is holding on to one of Marco's memories.
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There are 14 crystals scattered in different cities spider man 2This is New York, but like other collectibles like Prowler Stashes, you’ll have to wait for some to unlock as you progress through the story. Additionally, the 14th and final memory will not be available until you have obtained all the other memories, and this leads to the final objective of the quest. These will appear as an orange crystal on your map, but you can also see them from all the sand created around the area. When you reach one, you’ll need to fight off a few waves of sand enemies before you can grab the crystal, break it, and hear the memory inside. Here’s where you should look for them and how many there are in each.

Financial District-4

Downtown Brooklyn – 1

Williamsburg – 1

Chinatown – 2

Greenwich – 1

Midtown – 2

Central Park – 1

Little Odessa – 1

Once you have collected the initial 13 and talked to Sandman on the phone, you will be directed to the final memory location. This time you will be brought to a new area where you must follow the light to the final, giant crystal. Your job here is to trap and swing large rocks in the area and bounce them onto the crystal to break it while also fighting countless Sandman enemies. Use your gadgets and abilities to create space, and use the rocks as cover to block any ranged attacks while taking the time to brace and sling rocks.

A crystal of Marco hugging someone in Spider-Man2.
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After securing the final memory, without spoiling the plot, Marco asks you to do one last thing with the now complete crystal you’ve collected. A waypoint will lead you to a house in Queens in the far north where you can trigger the final cutscene and end this sidequest. Unfortunately, unlike The Flame or Mysterium, there are no special rewards for this specific task, but you do get a decent chunk of XP and get one step closer to 100% completion.

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