All photo-op locations in Spider-Man 2

Get me pictures of Spider-Man! Well, actually, in spider man 2 You’ll never actually have to draw a picture of Spider-Man again. As established in the first game, Peter has already moved on from his job as a photographer for the Bugle and is focusing solely on science (when not saving the day, of course). When he doesn’t work enough to pay the bills, he falls back on his old freelance photography work to help make ends meet by visiting key locations around the map to take some shots to sell. . These are among the most numerous icons that appear on your map as you play, and while each only rewards two city tokens for completing them, it takes a few seconds at most to get the perfect shot. Let’s take a tour of the city to find all the photo-op spots spider man 2,

All photo-op locations

Two Bodega Cat Spider-Man mascots.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

Photo-ops will populate the map in batches as you progress through the game, but ultimately, there will be 23 unique locations where you’ll need to stop and take a photo to complete the entire quest. To capture the perfect photo, swipe down on the touchpad to open your camera app near the target area and find whatever subject you want to capture. This will be evident in almost all situations, such as the aforementioned mascot, or a piece of art, or even entire buildings. The camera will also help you. If you are in range, the text will tell you whether the subject is in view, obscured, or in focus. Once the ring turns green, that shot will count and you can hit R1 To take the shot. After each, you get a little context and dialogue about what you’re submitting.

Because photo-ops are the highest number of “collectibles”, they will appear in every town. spider man 2, If you get within a few blocks of them they will be marked by a blue camera icon on the map. These aren’t character-specific either, so you may wait a while to collect them, even if you’re playing as Peter or Miles. Here’s how many appear in each district:

Downtown Brooklyn – 3

Williamsburg – 1

Little Odessa – 3

Downtown Queens – 1

Astoria – 2

Financial District – 1

Chinatown – 2

Greenwich – 2

Hell’s Kitchen – 1

Midtown – 2

Upper West Side – 1

Central Park – 2

Upper East Side – 1

Harlem – 1

Unlike other collectibles or side objectives like Marco’s Memories or Mysterium, there is no “final” part or final reward for doing all the photo-ops. You get one final call to end your little relationship with your contact at the newspaper, and, of course, XP and tokens, but other than that nothing unique.

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