All Prowler Stash locations in Spider-Man 2

After the events of miles morales, By that time the Prowler was officially retired marvel’s spider man 2 launch. Although he can no longer help Miles in action, his uncle still has some secrets for his super-powered nephew. Before he was forced to hang up his hood, Prowler had several resource stores stored throughout the city. Since he is no longer able to use them, he tells you how to find and open them to get to the goodies inside. This is one of the best ways to get your hands on rare technical parts needed for upgrades in the game. Let’s find out all these hidden Prowler spies spider man 2,

all prowler secret places

Map of New York in Spider-Man 2.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

There are a total of nine Prowler Stashes spider man 2, some are locked until you reach certain points in the story so you can avoid looting them all at once. Once you get close, you’ll see a part of the building, almost always the roof, glowing in outline of the area where the hidden item is. Enter and solve small puzzles to find and receive rewards. Here’s where you can find each repository:

Astoria – 1

Upper Western Part – 1

Downtown Queens-1

Midtown – 1

Hell’s Kitchen – 1

Greenwich – 1

Little Odessa-1

Williamsburg – 1

Downtown Brooklyn-1

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