How to get Rare Tech Parts in Spider-Man 2

amount of upgrade material marvel’s spider man 2 Sometimes your head may spin. With all the different tokens, parts, and just plain skill points, it can be hard to keep them all straight, let alone where you find each of them. The game does a good job of letting you know what rewards you’ll get by highlighting any activity on the map, but slowly scrolling through and finding how to get something can be a pain when you’re looking for rare tech parts. Is. , Plus, if you want to be efficient at achieving them, it will take even more time. Here’s How You Can Get Rare Tech Parts spider man 2 So you can complete your upgrade and save the day.

Best Ways to Get Rare Tech Parts

Technically Rare Tech Parts are no harder to obtain than other collectibles like City Tokens, but they are “rare” because you get them in much smaller quantities than normal Tech Parts. If you’re hunting them, your first stop should be one of the Prowler stashes. These are revealed very early in the story when Miles talks to his uncle and is sent to demonstrate how they work. Once you know how to solve the small environmental puzzles, they won’t take you long to figure out, and they start appearing as you progress through the story. You get three for each one you open.

Hunter Blinds is your next best source for Rare Tech Parts, giving five for any part you complete, and is basically the opposite of the Prowler Stash. Instead of little environmental puzzles to solve, these are combat (or stealth) focused encounters, so you can swap between them to add some variety to your Rare Tech Parts grind!

Later in the game you also unlock a new side-object called Unknown Targets. Each of these tasks is equivalent to four of your rare tech parts.

As a passive reward, the first rank city reward you get for doing any task within a specific district also gives you some rare tech parts. This isn’t a good method if you need them immediately, but it’s a good way to always have some for other purposes.

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