How to solve molecular identification puzzles in Spider-Man …

The character of Spider-Man is only half of what makes him so interesting. Peter Parker, the man behind the mask, is as important to the story as his alter ego spider man 2, Just like he is in the comics and the first game, Peter is a scientist by profession, and Miles Morales is following in his footsteps in many ways, which is the perfect excuse to introduce some new science-focused puzzles into the game. In a new puzzle you have to investigate different scenes and find out what exactly happened so that you can determine the materials that were left behind. These puzzles are thrown at the player very quickly and without any explanation, so we are here to enhance your molecular knowledge so that you can solve them easily.

How to Solve Molecular Recognition Puzzles

A 3D molecule in Spider-Man 2.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

When you first start out, you’ll be shown a 3D model of some molecules with green, red, and sometimes yellow nodes. Your goal is to remove all the red nodes without destroying the green ones. Yellow can be left or destroyed.

To solve the puzzle, you can set targets through each node and choose which one you want to destroy. However, you are not only destroying the one you are targeting, but also any nodes it is directly connected to. So if you target a red node that is connected to one or more green nodes, they will also be destroyed and you will fail the puzzle. The trick is to either break the nodes highlighted in green, or you can even cause a chain reaction by breaking the links of an entire section of the molecule, which will break them all. When in doubt, just see which nodes get bigger when you highlight one. Whatever happens will break as a result of your shot, so choose your shot wisely!

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