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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch OLED bundle packaging against a white background.

The current batch of Black Friday deals is good news for Nintendo lovers, because one of the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals we found at Best Buy is one of the best Switch games bundled with the Nintendo Switch OLED. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Bundle will give you a Nintendo Switch OLED, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game, and three months of free Nintendo Switch Online for $350. That’s the regular price of a standalone Nintendo Switch OLED, meaning you’re getting Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — a $60 value — and three months of Nintendo Switch Online — an $8 value — essentially for free.

Why you should buy the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Switch OLED Bundle

As mentioned above, we consider Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to be one of the best games available for the Nintendo Switch platform. It is an immersive fighting game featuring the most popular and beloved characters from the Nintendo Universe, including Mario, Kirby, Pikachu, Yoshi, Link, and Donkey Kong. It brings an arcade-style nostalgia to the Switch, letting you go head-to-head in 2-4 player battles, or play against the computer. You can play locally or online, and with the Nintendo Switch platform you can play in TV mode, tabletop mode, or handheld mode.

And while Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a major attraction, the silent headliner in this bundle is the Nintendo Switch OLED. It features a 7-inch OLED touchscreen that renders your favorite Switch games with vivid colors and clear contrast. It has 64GB of internal storage so you can save games purchased from the Nintendo Online Store directly to the system. It also comes with two Joy-Con controllers so you can play multiplayer games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate right out of the box. There are many Switch models on the market now, so if you’re not sure if the Switch OLED is right for you, you can do a little more research with our Switch Lite vs. Switch vs. Switch OLED comparison.

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But it’s a bundle and the image quality isn’t much better than an OLED display. So head over to Best Buy to get this bundle, which combines the Nintendo Switch OLED with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and three months of Nintendo Switch online for just $350. This effectively saves $68.

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