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SVS Prime Wireless Pro speaker on entertainment stand in living room.

In the spirit of the holiday shopping season, SVS Sound is offering some incredible deals — and by incredible, we mean record-breaking for the brand. SVS Sound has never actually participated in a Black Friday celebration before, and they may never do so again. So, this could be your only chance to save this big. You name it, there’s a discount on it. It has speakers, subwoofers, sound systems and more at discounts. Take

, for example, which are typically $350 per speaker. Right now they are getting up to $300 off, which Saves you $100 If you are buying two speakers together. Some other notables include the SVS Sound Prime Tower Speaker, SB-1000 Pro, and the Amazing

, which is now $2,200, down from $2,550. To see what else is available, you may want to browse SVS Sound’s Black Friday deals page.

What to buy in the SVS Sound Black Friday deal

SVS Prime Wireless Pro Speaker Set Up and Streaming

Thanks to this huge sale, it’s easier than ever to build the home theater of your dreams with premium, immersive sound. We’re talking pounding bass, super clear trebles – highs – and remarkable audio gear to match that damn TV of yours. If you don’t already have an amazing TV, here’s your cue to buy one of those.

‘ number one rated subwoofer, the SVS SB16-Ultra, is also included in the sale. You’ll save big on many of SVS Sound’s systems and speakers, and you can save even more by building a complete sound system.

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Save on smart home essentials like Amazon Echo and smart bulbs, along with everything from laptops and tablets to coffee makers and air purifiers, and a whole host of Apple tech like the iPad, Apple Watch, and even the latest M3 MacBooks.

Here are some worthy callouts from the sale:

  • Prime Bookshelf Speaker –

  • SB-1000 Pro Subwoofer —

  • Dual SB-1000 Pro Speakers —

  • Prime Pinnacle Surround System –

  • Prime Bookshelf Surround System –

One of the best things about SVS Sound’s systems is that most can be controlled from a mobile app. Like the SB-1000, which connects via Bluetooth. You can change and adjust presets, configure variable tuning, and make changes through an equalizer with precise adjustments for boost, cut, Q-factor, and frequency. You can really improve the audio experience depending on what you’re doing, whether it’s listening to music, watching movies or something else.

SVS Sound Black Friday deal is the best time to buy. Don’t put it off, especially if you’ve been thinking about building an immersive home theater setup for a while.

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