The best gaming PC Cyber Monday deals on AMD and Intel rigs

If you’re building your own gaming PC, today is the day to buy. The Cyber ​​Monday deals event has begun, with some of the best deals of the year now available. We’ve organized our favorite deals from two leading (and rival) computer parts manufacturers, AMD and Intel, so you can quickly see your favorites. Once you’re done shopping, we also recommend checking out the best Cyber ​​Monday gaming laptop deals as a way to start “using” some of the savings you’ve been making on your desktop build this time of year. Are.

Best Gaming PC Cyber ​​Monday Deals (AMD)

AMD Rizen CPU 1600X on board
Bill Roberson//

While AMD is not as famous as Intel when it comes to processors, it makes CPUs just as good, if not better. They also tend to be slightly cheaper for the same power, so it might make sense to go with an AMD CPU if you want to keep your prices low. Luckily, Cyber ​​Monday has seen overall prices drop further, and you can buy very budget-friendly AMD gaming PCs.

  • CyberPowerPC Gamer Master –

  • CLX SET Gaming Desktop with RX 6400 —

  • Legion Tower 5 Gen 8 with RTX 3060 —

  • Legion Tower 5 Gen 8 with RTX 4070 –

  • Alienware Aurora R15 –

Best Gaming PC Cyber ​​Monday Deals (Intel)

Intel's 14900K CPU is socketed into the motherboard.
Jacob Roach/

Of course, if you prefer to go with something you’re familiar with, there are plenty of great Intel deals available too. In fact, you’ll find that there is a wider selection of Intel deals, especially at the higher end, so if you’re looking for a very powerful gaming PC, Intel CPU-based ones are the majority of the options.

  • Legion Tower 5i Gen 8 with RTX 3050 —

  • Legion Tower 5i Gen 8 with RTX 3060 —

  • Alienware Aurora R15 –

  • Alienware Aurora R16 with RTX 4070 –

  • Corsair Vengeance i7400 with RTX 4080 —

  • HP Omen 45L with RTX 4090 —

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How We Picked These Gaming PC Cyber ​​Monday Deals

We started looking at our reviews – what we liked and what we didn’t. Then we go out and find the best deals on these items, so we’re intentionally curating the list rather than filling it with products that are discounted. We believe that a smaller, more definitive list is better than a list of a thousand products.

We also include things we haven’t reviewed where it doesn’t make sense, we’re doing our research to make sure it’s a quality product. We’re looking at reviews from subject matter experts and the shopping platforms themselves, and comparing the product to alternatives. If we think everything is checked, it makes the cut.

Once we were sure we found all the best gaming PC Cyber ​​Monday deals, we ordered them in a list from cheapest to most expensive. We recommend that you scroll down to the product at the top-end of your budget, and rest assured, we think this is the best value you’ll get at that price point.

Of course, we’re also using price comparison and history tools as well as our own first-party data to make sure you’re getting a good deal. This is something you can also do while you’re shopping around, using a tool like CamelCamelCamel, which shows you historical prices for items on Amazon.

We’re not perfect and it’s entirely possible that we may have missed something while compiling this list of the best G Cyber ​​Monday deals. If you’ve found a great deal that you think should be included, drop us a line at and we’ll consider it in the next update.

Also note that all prices were accurate at the time of publication. While we’re checking back and updating this post with the latest deals and prices, we can’t ignore the fact that deals move fast on Cyber ​​Monday, and it’s possible that when you click through Any offer has expired between now and when we last hit. Updates.

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