The Marvels just might be the MCU’s first huge box office di…

Until now, “superhero fatigue” was a convenient phrase to explain away the many DCEU bombs, any Sony superhero movie not starring Tom Holland, or the odd random reboot like David Harbour’s tragic one. bad boy, But we may be entering the end of an era this month MiracleThe 32nd (!) and latest MCU film, is expected to perform less than stellar business when it releases on November 10.

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How low can Marvel go? Well, with movies like Avengers: Endgame Even more Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Setting the bar so high, a Marvel movie’s poor opening weekend performance is still a lot better than every other no-name movie barbie Or involving Taylor Swift. But according to a recent article from Deadline, pre-sales for the opening weekend Miracle walking behind black adam (which debuted last year with a slightly disappointing $67 million) and shine (which held steady at $55 million last summer). Ouch.

Why has Marvel suddenly become so weak? Well, there are some theories. The aforementioned superhero fatigue is one. And the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) strike isn’t helping matters. While the union representing all actors in Hollywood is striking in protest of unfair working conditions, unfair financial payments and the threat of AI taking over jobs, it is stopping Miracle‘ The cast, especially Brie Larson, Iman Vellani, and Teyonah Parris, actively promoted it. That means no talk shows, no jokes hot ones Interviews, and zero viral TikTok dances.

Marvel Studios’ The Marvels Official Trailer

A more likely theory is that no one actually asked for it. captain marvel Sequel. While the film grossed over $1 billion upon its release in 2019, it has almost no cultural footprint or sentimental goodwill in 2023. It served its purpose of connecting one Avengers film to the next, and established Larson’s superhero as an effective, if dull, one. The deus ex machina that helped bring out the best villain Marvel has ever produced, Thanos.

But none of the film’s many trailers, clips, and glimpses have convinced indifferent audiences that it involves generic CGI fight sequences, pointless Easter eggs that endlessly tease a new future project, or cliched one-shots. Apart from the liners there is nothing new to offer. These days they’re a dime a dozen.

This all points to the low point of the franchise Miracle It is expected to open between $45 million and $70 million and complete its domestic run for less than $200 million. he is less than Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which many believed was the best fit for the MCU films. The film, which cost around $250 million, will need all the help it can get from overseas audiences to easily turn a profit. No matter what happens, just don’t trust captain marvel 3 To ever see the light of day.

Miracle In theaters November 10th.

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