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It’s only been about three years since the last X-Men movie, but fans already miss that fun band of mutants. Sure, the movies weren’t perfect, and some, as X-Men Origins: Wolverine And x men apocalypse, were absolutely bad, but still had a certain charm, an irresistible nostalgic charm that most people couldn’t resist. The Fox X-Men movies were the first true cinematic comic book universe, and they established a foundation that helped the MCU take over the world starting with 2008. iron Man,

Well, it appears that the X-Men universe may be making another return visit to the MCU. after being teased last year Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness And this Ms Marvel Marvel is strongly hinting that the X-Men will appear in the Disney+ series MiracleThe latest film from the MCU blockbuster factory. Twitter account MCU – The Direct A recent trailer highlighting the film shows text with the words “What Comes Next” appear on the screen. All letters fade away…letters

Now this could just be a coincidence or a case of eagle-eyed fans spotting a non-existent Easter egg in the air. However, Marvel has been leaning heavily on the multiverse lately (to rapidly dwindling effect) and it’s clear they’re looking to bring the X-Men into their universe and take the spotlight away from their lackluster lineup of heroes. Are willing to. (Seriously, is anyone excited for this black panther 3 Or ant-man 4,

X-Men stand up and pose "X2: X-Men United."
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Additional evidence points to the real possibility that the X-Men, or at least Fox’s version of the X-Men, will emerge somehow MiracleDespite the fact that it’s pegged as a silly outer space comedy adventure that has nothing to do with the multiverse. Samoan News is on Twitter I told that Miracle Press kit, two issues of John Ottman X2: X-Men United And x-Men: Days of Future Past Mentioned in the end credits. Hmm, that’s…weird.

Brie Larson looks skeptical in The Marvels.
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Why would those points be collected after all? Miracle, Well, obviously because something X-related is about to happen that will require using those points to revive that once-dead universe. And since we’ve already seen Professor Xavier get his neck snapped by Wanda Maximoff and Kamala Khan labeled a “mutant,” it’s clear that the It’s just a shame that it would be in Miracle, which is shaping up to be one of the MCU’s lowest-grossing films to date. ah well, there’s always deadpool 3,

Miracle In theaters November 10th.

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