The Morning Show season 3 ending, explained

The Morning Show has always done a good job of telling stories that reflect real life, and season 3 is no different. While the season ends in a way that easily wraps up the story for all the characters (albeit with some loose ends), fans will be happy to know that the Apple TV+ original series, one of its first, has been renewed for a fourth season.

The story of Season 3 once again takes things in new directions. It has gained momentum after the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. The episodes touch on everything from the fourth estate and the future of legacy media to journalistic integrity and topical political issues, leading to an explosive ending.

uba status

Paul and Corey stand together in a scene from The Morning Show.
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At the center of the story of Season 3 is the financial situation of the UBA network. Alex Levy (Friend star Jennifer Aniston) has no idea how financially stressed the network is, and she’s scrambling for a piece of a much larger pie. Meanwhile, Corey Ellison (Billy Crudup) is secretly talking with a billionaire named Paul Marks (Jon Hamm in a new role) to buy the company. He thinks injecting cash might save the network, but he wants to do it quietly – and naively believes he’ll still be in charge.

Whether it is Corrie’s failed leadership or the general change of landscape that has left the UBA in a precarious position is unknown. It is probably a combination of both. Advertisers are declining, support is declining, and employees are unhappy, feeling overworked, underpaid, and underappreciated. Will this Hail Mary plan work? Does Paul have real intentions for the company, and will the acquisition raise questions about journalistic integrity?

As is usually the case, things do not go smoothly for Corey, especially when Alex finds out what is going on and his deal with Paul goes haywire. However, when she realizes how bad things really are, she tracks down Paul and uses her charm to convince him to come back to the table. It works, and the pair eventually start a romance in the process, which creates a whole new problem in the mix.

a delicate balance

The Morning Show's Stella and Mia look worried.
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As the dance continues with Paul, The Morning Show It touches on the delicate tightrope that staffers must walk when their job is to present the news, even if it conflicts with their own feelings and personal obligations. For example, Mia (Karen Pittman) is faced with a seemingly impossible decision: run photos that could kill her photographer ex-boyfriend before she can reach security or wait and risk not getting an exoneration. Can pick up.

Stella (Greta Lee) is offered the new CEO position behind Corey’s back and struggles with whether to tell her current boss what’s happening or throw him under the bus by accepting the offer. Furthermore, she has an unpleasant history with Paul which makes her suspicious anyway. Meanwhile, a scene where she has to confront the horrible, misogynistic actions of the corporate advertisers that UBA needs to secure in order to survive leaves her (and the audience) with an uneasy feeling. .

A scene on The Morning Show shows Hal attacking an officer during the Capitol riot.
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There’s Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon), who, revealed in flashbacks, was covering news of the Capitol riots when he saw his brother, Hal (Joe Tippett), as one of the rioters. She immediately deleted her footage and lied to the FBI about it, a fact Corey discovered, then reluctantly helped her cover it up.

Further twisting of the knife reveals that Hal is working on a clean slate and wants to confess. Bradley is worried about how this will trap him and destroy the life he has finally begun to build for himself. Despite the tragic death of his mother (from Covid), he is doing well. She’s married and has a child, and things are finally going well.

The Morning Show's Bradley looks worried, with Corey, Laura and Stella in the background in a scene from The Morning Show.
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Bradley’s plea won’t matter anyway when Laura (Julianna Margulies) later finds out what happened. He is disappointed by Bradley’s decision to put his journalistic integrity aside to protect his brother and his heinous acts. Laura reluctantly decides to remain silent, but also ends their rekindled romance.

Meanwhile, Alex and Paul grow closer, and he convinces her to start working for him once the acquisition is finalized. Why? He plans to sell UBA assets, effectively dissolving the network. With the rose-colored glasses of a fast-paced romance (which caused more drama for the network), Alex decided she was all set. She doesn’t care about Corey and plans to somehow take over the hard-working employees and pay them what they deserve. She can do it on her own. Naturally, the decision doesn’t go well when Corey finds out not only what Alex is going to do, but also Paul’s ultimate plan.

everything comes to a head

Paul and Alex handle a kitchen counter in a scene from The Morning Show.
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With the threat of a takeover, Corey is once again in a state of conflict. She is helped by Bradley and Stella, who are both trying to find something – anything – that can stop the deal from going ahead. Stella, as previously revealed, was a young coder under Paul’s Silicon Valley incubator who fell into deep depression when he secretly bought her code and made billions from it. His former best friend. Kate (Natalie Morales), who worked for Paul and was recently fired from his company. Hyperion knows something bad is happening, but she signed an NDA and is afraid to talk. However, eventually, as Bradley notes, someone will do it.

However, Paul is aware of their dig and blackmails Bradley with information about Hal and the Capitol. He also plants a fake news story about Corey being a stalker, using a photo of a drunken Bradley being taken back to his hotel room to twist the story. Bradley believes she is evil and wants Alex to see this. How the hell did he know about Hal? Bradley is convinced that Paul is surveilling her after he finds out that she was trying to find dirt on him.

Despite Alex’s support of Paul, she listens to Bradley, and conducts a clever test in hopes of proving him wrong. She sends Bradley a text message with a specific piece of incorrect information which Paul later quotes, but confirming that Bradley was correct. Alarmed by the discovery, Alex goes into her usual day-saving mode.

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At the board meeting, before the deal can be finalized, Alex presents an alternative plan to the members, much to Paul’s shock. With Laura’s help, he met the CEO of partner network YDA and proposed a merger. They would share resources, employees, advertising dollars, even shows. This will mean retrenchment and change, but UBA will survive. Despite the last-minute nature of the plan, the board has a fiduciary responsibility to look at any offer equal to or greater than Paul’s, and they do.

As they deliberate, Alex takes an angry Paul into a room where Stella and Kate confront him about the unsafe conditions of his rocket, his actions to hide it, and the fact that Kate has proof. . They will either have to tell the truth to NASA or they will make this news public. The billionaire is defeated and walks away with his tail tucked in. However, this is not before he expresses regret and uncertainty for the future of his company in Alex’s apartment. He may have really fallen in love with Alex, but he is exactly the type of guy she needs to stay away from.

How The Morning Show Season 2 ends

Jon Hamm and Tig Notaro stand in an office lobby in a scene from The Morning Show season 3.
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After the events, UBA is thriving, although there are still a lot of decisions that need to be addressed. Stella is now preparing herself for the CEO job because Corey is likely to be ousted and she may feel like she has earned it rather than being silenced. The fourth estate lives to see another day.

Corey and Bradley make statements about their relationship to clear Corey’s name and Bradley tells the truth. She was never afraid of Corey, nor did she feel he was grooming her. She reveals that he told her he loved her, but immediately comes up with the fact that he saw her just as she was, and that’s the only thing she was afraid of. When she tells Corey that she will miss him, the usually calm, smiling CEO starts crying and does his best to hide it. Later he was seen standing lost and dejected in the crowd. What’s next for Corey?

Bradley looked sad in a scene from The Morning Show.
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Meanwhile, Bradley accompanies Alex to the local FBI office, where she meets Hal. They’re going to confess, which probably won’t be good for either of them. Having committed so many crimes, it is hard to imagine that any one of them would be let off with a simple slap on the wrist. But fans will have to wait until next season to find out.

Despite the seemingly fitting ending, The Morning Show Has been renewed for a fourth season.

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