NASA shares trailers for original shows coming to its new st…

NASA is preparing for the launch of its new streaming channel NASA+.

The free channel is part of a broader revamp of the space agency’s own website and app, with a new look and refreshed content arriving on Wednesday, Nov. 8.

NASA recently released a trailer for the new NASA+ streaming channel, which will run without commercials.

In recent times, it has also been posting short previews of some new series to be featured on the channel.

space outFor example, it promises stunning imagery that encourages viewers to “enjoy relaxing music and ultra-high-definition views of the universe, from the surface of Mars to Uranian sunsets.” The trailer (below) suggests it will be a more provocative alternative to Log Fire’s video.

other world It looks set to offer regular updates on the work of the James Webb Space Telescope, which has been producing incredible images of deep space since the middle of last year. Scientists are hoping that the advanced space observatory will be able to tell us more about the history of the universe, and also identify Earth-like planets capable of supporting life.

“Every few years (and sometimes decades), scientists react to new information coming from the world’s most powerful observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope,” NASA says in a message accompanying the trailer.

nasa explorer Will cover the story of the OSIRIS-REx mission, a remarkable endeavor that recently returned from deep space with an asteroid sample collected from the Bennu asteroid.

NASA says, “For the cost of a blockbuster movie, a team of scientists and engineers set out to collect and return America’s first asteroid sample collected in space.” “Begin the exciting journey of OSIRIS-REx, which returned a sample from asteroid Bennu to help us learn more about the origins of our Solar System.”

More content is on the way for NASA+, with additional details to be released on launch day on Wednesday.

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