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One thing you can always count on on Netflix is ​​that some unexpected movie will triumph over the algorithms and emerge from obscurity as one of the top titles on the site. This week, 2019 revenge thriller, cold chase, is one of the most popular movies on Netflix. Liam Neeson starred in the film, and he is easily the most recognizable member of the cast shameless Star Emmy Rossum also has a supporting role.

cold chase Was only a minor hit at the box office, and it never recaptured those old times. took The magic that Neeson has been chasing since 2010. So why has this action movie suddenly become so popular on Netflix? There are three reasons why it’s now a minor hit, and we’ll share them with you now.

Liam Neeson out for revenge… again

Liam Neeson in Cold Pursuit.

By now, everyone knows what to expect from Liam Neeson’s action movie. Since coming into limelight took, Neeson has appeared in countless action films instead of the iconic performances he used to. And so, Neeson will keep fucking Neeson until he can’t do it anymore.

cold chase Like any other Neeson film, it begins with the character, an ordinary snowplow driver named Nels Coxman, who discovers that his son has been murdered by the local drug cartel. A normal man would just mourn. But an ordinary man portrayed by Liam Neeson sets out for revenge. This is something we’ve seen Neeson play with many times before. The main difference is that Neeson plays his role straight in a film that is full of comedic moments. And it actually makes those scenes funnier without making Neeson the butt of the joke.

This is so funny and unique

Tom Bateman and Arnold Pinnock in Cold Pursuit.

cold chase is based on a Norwegian film called in order to disappear, and both films were directed by Hans Petter Moland. Perhaps that’s why plenty of humor and wit has been retained in the American remake. It’s actually an unusually fun action movie, and it’s almost Quentin Tarantino-esque with the eccentricities of its lead characters.

Despite playing the film’s main villain, Trevor “Viking” Calcote, Tom Bateman got plenty of comedic moments. While the Viking is behind the murder of Coxman’s son, he also has his own personal code and is really hurt when a hitman hired by Coxman sells out his client because it shows he has no professional code. Not standard. It’s these darkly comedic moments that make this film stand out.

Grand finale

Liam Neeson and Tom Jackson in Cold Pursuit.

Because Viking initially assumed Coxman’s actions against him were ordered by a rival criminal organization, he attacks the wrong man, White Bull LeGrew (Tom Jackson), and inadvertently starts a gang war. The Viking also realizes how badly he miscalculated, but he cannot make peace with the White Bull, especially since he made it personal by killing someone he loved.

This leads to a grand showdown at the end of the film when both the Viking and the White Bull gather at Coxman’s place for a final showdown. By that time, Coxman had also passed the White Bull, so his survival is not certain. The film’s climactic scene was so bold that the studio couldn’t resist including it on a poster of the film. You have to see it to believe it.

Watch cold chase On Netflix.

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