3 underrated movies on Peacock you need to watch in November

Peacock doesn’t always get a chance to strut her stuff, but she has an impressive lineup of films. They don’t last as long as other streamers. Keep that in mind as we share our picks for three underrated movies on Peacock. Most new content on Peacock has a very short shelf life.

This month, our picks include a hilarious documentary, a largely forgotten superhero movie, and a romantic comedy about the end of the world. These are three underrated movies on Peacock that you should watch in November.

Horn for Jesus. save your soul. (2022)

Regina Hall and Sterling K. in Hoan for Jesus.  Brown.  save your soul.
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Horn for Jesus. save your soul There’s a parody about Trinity Childs (Regina Hall) and her husband, Lee-Curtis Childs (Sterling K. Brown), both of whom became extremely wealthy as owners of a megachurch called Wander to Greater Paths. However, since Lee-Curtis was caught seducing young men despite his strong anti-gay declarations, his church has been going through difficult times.

Childs uses the documentary as a way to increase publicity for the reopening of his megachurch. But most of their parishioners have moved on, and a rival megachurch, run by Shakura (Nicole Beharie) and Keon Sumpter (Confidence), threatens to derail Childs’ plans by opening its doors on the same day that The day was the grand re-opening. Wander the great paths.

Watch Horn for Jesus. save your soul. On peacock.

Looking for a Friend for the End of the World (2012)

Steve Carell and Keira Knightley in search of a friend for the end of the world
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title of Looking for a friend at the end of the world This is not a false name. One armageddon-A plan to send an asteroid flying away from Earth has failed, and humanity has only a few days before an extinction event that could wipe out all life on the planet. Dodge (OfficeSteve Carell) is a newly single man whose wife leaves him shortly after announcing the end of the world. Dodge is coping alone until he notices that his neighbor, Penny (Pride & PrejudiceKeira Knightley), are in the same boat.

Dodge and Penny do not have the same goals in their remaining days, but he offers to help her go to England to meet her family if she will help him track down her high school boyfriend so he can find love one last time. Can experience.

Watch Looking for a friend for the end of the world On peacock.

Mystery Men (1999)

Cast of Mystery Men.
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you can blame mystery man And shrek To expose smash mouth all Star On the world. It is also a precursor to modern superhero films and is based on the comics of Bob Burden. Unfortunately, Burden’s signature creation, The Flaming Carrot, is left out of this film. The good news is that the film stars several lovable losers, such as Mister Furious (Ben Stiller), the Baller (Jayne Garofalo), the Shoveler (William H. Macy), the Blue King (Hank Azaria), the Spleen (Paul Reubens), and others. , and The Sphinx (Ways Study).

When Champion City’s top hero, Captain Amazing (Greg Kinnear), breaks his greatest enemy, Casanova Frankenstein (Geoffrey Rush), out of prison, the team is called into action. Predictably, Frankenstein has captured the Amazing and threatens to take over the town. Against this enemy, the Mystery Men won’t be able to put up much of a fight.

Watch mystery man On peacock.

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