3 underrated shows on Max you need to watch in December

Few streaming services can match the sheer number of TV shows on Max. Unfortunately, Max reliably promotes only HBO and Max original series, while many of the acquired series have been overshadowed and downplayed. Even some of HBO’s sagas don’t get the numbers they deserve.

This is why we feel the need to shed light on Angie Tribeca, to undoAnd scavenger reign, In order, they are a groundbreaking comedy, a mystery thriller, and a dazzling sci-fi epic. These are also three underrated shows on Max that you should watch in December.

Angie Tribeca (2016-2018)

Rashida Jones at Angie Tribeca.
TBS Productions

OfficeSteve Carell and his wife Nancy Carell co-produced Angie Tribeca For Rashida Jones, another veteran Office, and it is one of the funniest shows that has never managed to gain a huge following. This series plays like an updated version naked gun Or police squadAs Detective Angie Tribeca (Jones) and her partner, Lieutenant Jason “Jay” Giles (Hayes MacArthur), encounter the most bizarre and hilarious criminals as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

The show attracts attention because it never stops introducing visual gags or other punchlines. Only Angie Tribeca Maybe so daring is that the final season jumps forward twenty years and introduces Bobby Cannavale (an actor six years older than Jones) as Angie’s adult son, AJ. Compared to this show, other modern sitcoms seem weak.

Watch Angie Tribeca On max.

Undone (2020)

Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman are surrounded by the press in a scene from The Undoing on HBO Max.

HBO set to headline a thriller miniseries featuring Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman to undo, and it lives up to its name. Grace Fraser (Kidman) and her husband, Jonathan (Grant), are a successful and prominent couple in New York City. Or at least they were, until a much younger woman, Elena Alves (Matilda De Angelis), entered their lives. Elena puts herself in Grace’s way several times, causing her to become confused by their conversations.

A short time later, Elena is found dead and Jonathan emerges as the prime suspect in her murder. Since Elena was his mistress, Jonathan had motive and opportunity. But even the revelation of guilt before trial could be a scandal big enough to destroy both Grace and Jonathan’s carefully constructed lives.

Watch to undo On max.

Reign of the Scavengers (2023)

One of the main characters of Scavengers Reign.

rule of scavengers is one of the most inventive original series of 2023, and this sci-fi animated show resembles a Studio Ghibli paradise where every living creature is eager to devour anyone foolish enough to come near it. When a spacecraft called Demeter 227 is heavily damaged, the survivors take refuge on a beautiful alien planet called Vesta.

The survivors did not realize until too late that Vesta’s fauna and plant life was incredibly dangerous. And even this short period on the planet is changing the surviving crew members physically and mentally in ways they could not have imagined.

Watch rule of scavengers On max.

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