This $50 discount makes my favorite gaming headset a must-ow…

My relationship with gaming headsets is love-hate. Although I’m always happy to use audio devices that are made with video games in mind, I just hate the “gamer aesthetic” that companies like Razer use. I don’t want a loud, colorful headset full of RGB lights when I’m trying to use a wireless headset with my Steam Deck in public.

That’s why I can’t live without my Turtle Beach Stealth Pro, a premium gaming headset that’s completely different. It’s a simple pair of black and silver gaming headphones, but it has a lot of innovative features that make it worth the expensive price of $330. You don’t have to pay that much for them though; The Stealth Pro is currently $50 off, selling for $280 at Best Buy, and if you’re looking for a high-quality headset this is a deal you should consider immediately.

The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro headset relies on the Xbox Series S.
Giovanni Colantonio/

When it comes to key features, the Stealth Pro falls short of everything. Its 50mm NanoClear drivers deliver clear audio that doesn’t compromise on either end of the audio spectrum. It’s highly customizable and Turtle Beach’s signature Superhuman Hearing function lets me boost important sounds like footsteps in games. Thanks to Bluetooth and the included adapter it pairs with almost every console and device I own. Plus, they’re extremely comfortable, they have two different microphone options, and they don’t make me look like a teenage dreamer.

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It’s all a necessity, but the Stealth Pro has one feature in particular that makes it a must-have premium headset. It has a removable battery hidden inside the left earcup. It can be taken out at any time and placed on a round charging disk. Since the Stealth Pro comes with a spare battery, it means I’m never left with a dead headset. Whenever one of its 12-hour batteries drains, I turn to the fully charged battery to continue playing without switching to another headset. This is a great innovation that justifies the high price.

A Turtle Beach Stealth Pro and its battery sit on a table.
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Keep in mind, the Stealth Pro isn’t a perfect headset. It’s a bit overdesigned, as Turtle Beach tries to pack as many features as possible into a device with very few buttons. Here a standard volume wheel or button has been replaced with rotating earcups, which is a bit silly to execute in public. I can also assign many other tasks to that wheel, but not all at once. This leaves me unable to, say, control the volume and my microphone monitor at the same time.

That’s ultimately a minor pet peeve. The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro is my favorite gaming headset, mostly because I’m able to use it constantly. The only barrier to entry is its $330 price, but so the $50 discount that takes it under the $300 mark is worth capitalizing on this Black Friday.

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