Valorant’s newest agent can challenge other players to duels

Riot Games unveils the next upcoming agent gives importance to things When Episode 7 Act III begins on October 31st. His name is Iso, and he is a duelist whose ending actually brings him and an opponent to a different arena to face off.

Key art for the new Valorant Agent ISO.
riot Games

ISO has been described as a Chinese fixer for hire who can reconfigure ambient energy to his advantage and this can be seen through all his abilities. Double tap puts Iso in a state of flow where he can gain shields by killing or dealing damage to downed enemies. Undercut fires a bolt forward, applying a debilitating debuff to anything it hits. With suddenness, ISO creates a wall of energy and pushes it forward; It stops any bullet passing through it.

All of these abilities indicate that Iso will be an agent that rewards accuracy and the emphasis placed on player skill seems like it will be most impacted with his ultimate ability. Called the Kill Contract, it pulls one of the ISO’s opponents into an interdimensional field that can form on anyone gives importance to thingsStages of. Once there, the two players have to duel to the death before anyone can turn back. It’s like an even more condensed version of the Gulag Call of Duty: Warzone, This is definitely one of the most innovative ultimate abilities gives importance to thingsAnd Riot Games says that making it was a big challenge for the team.

Iso fights in a created arena in Valorant.
riot Games

“Ultimate World was a huge undertaking for the entire team,” John Goszicki, head of the Agents team, said in a statement to . “A lot of work went into adding a new environment to each map, as well as understanding how it would interact with the game state, no matter what was happening at the time. We’ll have times when a rogue Raze Rocket will attack him, or an Astra Ultimate will cut the map in half. All these different scenarios need to be taken into account.

iso comes gives importance to things Episode 7 begins on October 31 with Act III.

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