The best Archetypes in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader

There are few universes as cruel and unforgiving as Warhammer 40,000., Between demonic forces, the Imperial Army, and space itself, your character Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader Facing difficult circumstances. Before you begin your adventure through the Coronas Expanse and choose allies, you must design your own character. You can choose one of the pre-made options, but where’s the fun in that? Of the cosmetic options available, arguably the most important aspect you need to decide on is your archetype. This will determine how your character develops over the course of the game, including what roles they will be best suited for and what skills they will learn. The first level you choose in creation ultimately determines what is available later in the second and third levels, so it is important to choose wisely.

which archetype to choose

A menu of archetypes in Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader.
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The first tier of archetypes has four possible options for you to choose from, including Warrior, Officer, Operative, and Soldier. Each will give you different abilities and superlatives that will shape the type of character you have. Once chosen, you cannot change which archetype your main character is.


If you want to bludgeon your enemies, the Warrior is the best melee class. You will be as strong as you are flexible, and will be in charge of dealing damage, as well as showing aggression to keep the focus on yourself rather than your teammates. Warriors like to use dodge chance, high armor, parries, and taunts.

Your only main attribute for this class is charge. This is a nice, charging attack that moves in a straight line and attacks any enemies in that path, but without counting your attack range. To use this move you need to be at least two tiles away from your target to have enough room for a speed boost.

Your last courageous breach. Using it restores all of your armor penetration (AP) and MP (movement points), as well as gives you +AGI bonus MP until the end of the turn. You will not lose any MP when attacking and you are free to attack as many times as you want, as long as they are all melee attacks.


For those who want to command the front lines rather than fight on them, the Officer is an ideal support class. They specialize in willpower and fellowship stats to encourage their teammates to do all the heavy lifting. This class is very tactical, applying buffs, saving allies, and granting extra turns.

The official gets two major features, starting with Bring It Down! This skill gives a target teammate an extra turn and two extra AP, but no MP. If the ally also has Voice of Command (more on this in a second) and kills an enemy during this, they also get +(2x Resolve) speed.

Voice of Command is a huge buff that gives Target +(5+2x the officer’s FEL bonus) for one round. This enables that ally to be hit by any of your other abilities regardless of distance, but you can only use it on one unit every two rounds.

For Ultimates, the official has brought the finest hour! This gives the ally an extra turn with full AP and MP, as well as removes their attack limit. If done as a desperate measure, your officer’s FEL status will be halved until the end of the battle.


Do you like to strike hard and take advantage of weaknesses? The Operative uses her high Intelligence and Perception stats to target an enemy’s weak point and take them down rapidly. They are single-target units that can penetrate any defense and defeat enemies.

Analyzing Enemies will be your starting ability and has a 10-cell range. Any enemy you target with this gets +(1+INT bonus) exploit. Exploit stacks make attacks deal +(5xPerception bonus)% more damage.

Operatives get two ultimates, one for their main and one for another weapon, but both have the same effect. This move applies the exploit to all enemies on the field, as well as giving a free guaranteed hit on one target. That hit unit also suffers a -30% penalty to dodge and armor. If this is a desperate measure, your operative’s attacks will cost an additional AP until the end of the battle.


Ultimately, the soldier is your most traditional ranged unit. They focus on positioning and using cover with their firearms to minimize death from relative safety. They aren’t so good at taking down someone or outmaneuvering someone in melee combat, but they do get additional movement options to remain at an ideal range most of the time. You’ll also get bonuses to the ability to stay in cover and dodge, as well as better burst and area of ​​effect attacks. As far as keystone features go, you get Run and Gun and Revel in Slaughter. Run and Gun gives you +(2+AGI bonus) movement points, also reduces the cost of your next attack by 1 AP and does not count towards attack range so you can shoot if you want and then Can move forward. However, you will subsequently become Winded, which gives you -10 to Ballistic Skill until the end of the turn. Slaughter Pairs is great to enjoy as it removes Winded, plus gives you +10 ballistic skill, +(5+2xAGI bonus)% crit damage, and +(AGI bonus) crit chance. The downside is that you cannot activate this skill until you kill three enemies in battle.

For Ultimate, you get gun mastery, heroic actions and desperate measures. Heroic Act lets you make as many additional attacks without spending AP as your weapon’s fire rate will allow. Each first shot you fire at an enemy will be a crit, and you will automatically reload when it triggers. Desperate Measure is the same, but in the next round, you have -1 AP until the end of the battle.

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