Watch how Tesla’s Cybertruck handles a compound bow’s arrow

who tries to shoot an arrow at the cybertruck

Tesla chief Elon Musk appeared again on The Joe Rogan Experience on Tuesday.

Substituting cigars and drinks for the weed he smoked during a previous appearance on Joe Rogan, Musk covered a wide range of topics during the 2-hour, 40-minute interview.

The host began by thanking Musk for visiting the Cybertruck, which will be delivered to paying customers for the first time on November 30.

Referring to its unique design, Musk said that the all-electric pickup “really looks like computer graphics”, with Rogan responding that it is “the best looking… production car that’s even been built.”

Specifically, the Tesla boss said there will be a “Beast Mode version” of the Cybertruck with a 0-60 time of less than three seconds. He said this mode offers additional features but he wants to save them for the November launch event. Were.

During his conversation, Musk also confirmed that the Cybertruck will come with bulletproof steel panels and optional bulletproof glass, but he said that the design and thickness of the glass means that the side windows will not be able to be opened in this case.

As Musk explained how the panels had already been tested using a Tommy gun, a 45-millimeter gun, and a 9-millimeter gun, Rogan considered whether they would hold up to a broadhead arrow fired from an 80-pound compound bow. Will be strong enough to handle. , Musk bet them a dollar that it would, so the pair took it to the Cybertruck for testing.

Rogan fired an arrow at close range, but instead of piercing the side of the Cybertruck, the projectile only made a small dent, allowing Musk to put a dollar in his piggy bank.

When Rogan asked why he designed the Cybertruck this way, Musk said: “Trucks are supposed to be tough, right?”

This comment will not be lost on those who remember the embarrassing accident that occurred during the Cybertruck’s unveiling in 2019, when a metal ball shattered the Cybertruck’s window in a demonstration that was supposed to highlight the toughness of the glass. . Musk later claimed that earlier stress testing had weakened the window.

Tesla’s CEO recently said the automaker is aiming to produce about 250,000 Cybertrucks per year, but he said that’s unlikely to be reached until after 2024.

Tesla has reportedly taken nearly two million orders for the Cybertruck, with each customer required to pay a $100 refundable deposit. However, the price of the pickup has not been revealed yet.

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