Watch the trailer for new space-based thriller I.S.S.

feature film trailer ISS has just landed, and it’s certainly no coincidence that it landed in the same week that the International Space Station celebrates 25 years of operation.

While NASA and its Russian counterpart Roscosmos will in the coming days highlight what can be achieved if you put politics aside and focus on international cooperation, ISS Flick imagines a very different scenario where events on the ground collapse productive cooperation inside a small orbital facility.

Directed by Gabriella Cowperthwaite (black fish) using the acclaimed Black List script by debut screenwriter Nick Shafir, and starring Academy Award-winning actress Ariana DeBose (story of the west), the 95-minute thriller begins as the US and Russia launch nuclear attacks on each other on terra firma, while three astronauts and three astronauts on the ISS watch the drama unfold from the safety of space.

But things change when the astronauts – and astronauts – receive orders from their respective governments to take control of the station by any means necessary, hence the film’s tagline: “The war on Earth will be decided in space. “

There are ups and downs, and matters inside the habitable satellite are complicated by a romantic relationship that forms between crew members from opposing sides.

A screenshot from the ISS movie.
Bleecker Street

Variety rated the performances as “uniformly exceptional”, but overall it gives ISS A lukewarm review. On the other hand, The Hollywood Reporter praises director Cowperthwaite for having “done an excellent job of amping up the suspense for an essentially claustrophobic thriller that benefits greatly from its new setting,” adding: “The relatively low budget ISS lacks the high-octane excitement of similar space-set thrillers gravity, and at times it’s hard not to wish it were a more lavish production. But the film works just as well as the high-concept B-movie that used to be a mainstay of double features, even if it isn’t an ideal recruiting tool for NASA.

You’ll be able to judge for yourself when ISS hits theaters on January 19th.

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