Waze now warns drivers about roads prone to car accidents

Crash History Alert on Waze.

As a driver, the worst way to learn about a stretch of road with a history of accidents is to end up in one yourself.

Locals will probably already have that information and will therefore approach the dangerous area with caution, but drivers who are not aware of it face greater risks when passing through such places.

But now Waze can help.

The Google-owned navigation app recently launched a new “crash-history alert” feature to let drivers know when they’re approaching an accident-prone road.

“Every day, approximately 3,700 people globally are tragically killed in crashes involving cars, buses, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks or pedestrians,” Waze said in a post announcing the important new feature. “Accident injuries are considered the eighth leading cause of death globally – and drivers around the world report accidents every two seconds. But, what if you know in advance that you are going on a road that has a history of accidents?

The crash-history alert feature is based on reports from the Waze community, and like everything else these days there’s clearly some AI smarts built into it.

If your route includes an accident-prone road, the app will show an alert before you reach that part of your trip, Waze said. According to the screenshot (top) of the feature shared by Waze, the alert will look something like this: “History of accidents – next 1 mile.” As you get closer to the danger area, a blue bar above the text will gradually disappear. The nature of the danger is not specified, but it seems appropriate because such a general warning should serve to bring the driver to a higher state of awareness.

But take note: Waze said that to keep driver distractions to a minimum, it won’t continue sending crash history alerts for stretches of road that drivers use regularly.

Waze said the feature will launch on Tuesday, so make sure you have the latest version of the app installed to get it.

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