What’s new on VOD and Digital in December 2023

Leonardo DiCaprio in Killers of the Flower Moon.
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December is a very quiet month for VOD (Video on Demand) and digital releases. Just from this month’s headlines Taylor Swift: The Era’s Tour, Trolls Band Together, And flower moon killer Are widely known. basis of though this is an amazing knife So entertaining that it looks like it will appeal to both horror and comedy fans.

The rest of December’s VOD titles are either experimental films or low-budget horror films that didn’t make much of an impact in theaters. The arrival of new VODs isn’t cheap, but if you’re planning a night out with your friends or loved ones they are less expensive than buying two or more movie tickets. Sometimes, staying home and watching a new movie in comfort makes more financial sense.

Read our updated list of what’s new on VOD and digital in December 2023. If you decide to rent or buy any of these titles, you should be able to find them on major digital outlets including Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu, and more. , and Google Play.

It’s a Wonderful Knife (2023)

This is the official trailer of An Amazing Knife. HD | RLJE Films | ft. Justin Long, Joel McHale

Christmas horror has been a tradition for decades, but never quite like this. As the title suggests, this is an amazing knife Mixing slasher horror with the general idea behind a Christmas classic, it’s a Wonderful Life, Jane Widdop plays Winnie Carruthers, a young woman who comes face to face with a serial killer named The Angel and ends his reign of terror.

A year later, Winnie is so deeply depressed that she wishes she had never been born. Suddenly, Winnie finds herself in an alternate timeline where she did not stop Angel and people continue to be killed. Vinnie’s parents, David (Joel McHale) and Judy Carruthers (Erin Boyes) don’t even know who he is. To make matters worse, Winnie is the only person who knows who Angel is Henry Waters (Justin Long), the annoyingly cheerful mayor of Angel Falls.

Release date: 1 december

You can rent or buy this is an amazing knife On Prime Video and other digital outlets.

Killers of the Flower Moon (2023)

Killers of the Flower Moon – Official Trailer

There are a lot of dark chapters in American history, and flower moon killer Shedding light on crimes that occurred a century ago. In the film, the Osage tribe of Native Americans become wealthy due to the large amounts of oil on their land. William King Hale (Robert De Niro) can’t see this happening, because he wants the oil for himself. So Hale begins a deadly plan to exterminate the Osage and steal their land.

Hale’s nephew, Ernest Burkhart (Leonardo DiCaprio), is both a pawn and partner in his uncle’s schemes. Ernest is also married to an Osage woman, Molly Kyle (Lily Gladstone), who questions his loyalty to her uncle.

Release date: 5th December

You can rent or buy flower moon killer On digital outlets.

Gods of Misrule (2023)

Lord of Misrule Trailer (2023) Horror Movie

Although this is not a Christmas story, god of misrule It gives horror fans something to watch in December. Tuppence Middleton plays Rachel Holland, the new vicar in Burrows, an English village, who is more interested in its pagan rituals than its Christian rites. When Rachel’s ten-year-old daughter, Grace (Evie Templeton), is named a Harvest Angel, Rachel and her husband, Henry (Matt Stokoe) barely see eye to eye.

But when Grace goes missing, Rachel’s panic goes beyond comprehension. Especially when the local pagan cultists, led by an incredibly scary man named Jocelyn Abney (Ralph Ineson), taunt Rachel in her own church about her daughter’s fate. How far will Rachel go to protect her child from these maniacs? Because the power of prayer will not be enough.

Release date: 8th December

You can rent or buy lord of misrule On digital outlets.

Divinity (2023)

Divinity Official Trailer | utopia

Put aside any preconceived notions you may have divinity Because this is a very strange film that does not take place in a reality like ours. It appears that writer and director Eddie Alcazar and producer Steven Soderbergh are taking an art house approach, with the film being shot entirely in black and white. And in this world, the fall of humanity can only be stopped by a serum called Divinity.

Sterling Pierce (Scott Bakula) created divinity for the good of all mankind, but it seems that altruistic philosophy hasn’t applied to his son Jackson Pierce (Stephen Dorff). To save this world, someone else must either capture divinity or destroy it.

Release date: 12th December

You can rent or Purchase divinity On digital outlets.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (2023)

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Extended Version Trailer (2023) | Vudu’s

Will Taylor Swift Fans Spend Big Bucks to See This? Taylor Swift: The Era Tour On-demand just weeks after theatrical release? Of course they will do so. Swifties are a passionate bunch, and Swift herself is very media savvy. That’s why the on-demand version of the concert will include three songs that were not in theaters. So this is a more complete look at one of the most popular musical shows of all time.

Release date: 13 december

You can rent or buy Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour On Prime Video and other digital outlets.

The Criminal (2023)

criminal Official Trailer | coming soon

Criminal There’s an ethical dilemma that most people will never have to face. A lowly bank teller named Moran (Daniel Elias) discovers that his colleague Román (Esteban Bigliardi) has successfully stolen $650,000 from their employer. Roman not only does not deny his crime, but he is willing to turn himself in and do time for it. Of course, with one catch.

Romain wants Moran to hide the money he stole during his captivity, and in exchange, he will be able to keep half of it for himself. That’s a lot of money, and people have cheated each other for even less. Can Moran or Roman really trust each other when the stakes are so high?

Release date: 15th December

You can rent or Purchase Criminal On digital outlets.

Four Daughters (2023)

Four Daughters – Official US Trailer

four daughters It’s a hard movie to explain, but we’ll try our best. It is both a documentary and dramatization of a true story about a woman named Olfa and her four daughters. Two daughters became followers of radical Islam and disappeared completely from their family’s life.

For the purposes of this film, the two actresses will stand in for the missing daughters as Olfa and her two remaining daughters share their real-life stories and try to understand what happened to their family and why.

Release date: 19th December

You can rent or Purchase four daughters On digital outlets.

Trolls Band Together (2023)

would you believe this trolls band together Former boy band member Justin Timberlake playing a troll who was also in a boy band? Timberlake’s branch was once in Brozone with his brothers John Dory (Eric Andre), Spruce (David Diggs), Clay (Kid Cudi) and Floyd (Troy Sivan), until a bad breakup led to the family being separated for years. Done.

At present Floyd has been caught and his life is in danger. So Branch and the love of his life, Poppy (Anna Kendrick) must find the remaining members of Brozone and bring them together to save Floyd.

Release date: 19th December

You can rent or buy trolls band together On digital outlets.

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