Which Amazon Echo should you buy?

If you’re a fan of Alexa’s gentle tones and like to use voice commands around your home — including setting up smart routines or enabling Alexa Guard for some added security while you’re away — then you might want to consider the Amazon Echo. You might be thinking about buying a smart speaker. , Or maybe you want to give an Amazon Show to a family member or friend to make it easier to communicate with them. But what should you get?

There are a lot of Amazon Echo models available, with more coming all the time, so we know it can be confusing to figure out the latest model and which one is the right choice for you. Don’t worry. Our guide is here to help you select the best and latest Echos available, as well as detail who they are suitable for.

echo fourth generation

Amazon Echo (4th generation) on the kitchen counter.
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This large Echo speaker is the flagship model of the Amazon Echo line and is an excellent place to start if you’re not sure which one to get. For the fourth generation, Amazon changed the Echo’s design to an orb-like speaker with 360-degree audio and an indicator ring around the base.

The sound of this Echo is better than ever, capable of filling an entire room with sound, and it’s available in three different colors to match your home. This makes it a great choice for a central location where it can play music for the home or control various smart gadgets with some well-directed voice commands. It also supports Zigbee devices in addition to the new protocol, so it’s one of the better speakers for those who still have these speakers.

If you’re concerned about privacy, the Amazon Echo 4th-gen (and every other Echo on our list) comes with the ability to manually turn on the mic at any time, and you can always customize that. How Alexa listens and saves your voice commands. ,

Finally, the price of the Echo 4th-gen is reasonable compared to other smart speakers, which could make it a great entry device for someone who knows they love music, plus they want to get comfortable with Alexa. Are.

echo dot 5th generation

Echo Dot 5 in the kitchen.
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The Echo Dot was already in a good position, carefully copying the Echo 4th-gen with its small orb design, but the 5th-gen remake took it to another level, especially with better bass and an overall better When it comes to sound. This small speaker can produce a surprising amount of music and can be a great companion for desktop computers etc.

But sound wasn’t the only thing Amazon updated with this model. It now has temperature and motion sensors that you can connect to specific smart devices, such as automatically turning on the thermostat if it’s too cold in a particular room or turning on smart lights when someone enters the room. to start. And if you use an Eero mesh router, this little speaker can also serve as a satellite router to help you extend your coverage in areas where it might be poor.

This makes the Dot 5th-gen an ideal choice for those who already have an Echo or want an Echo specifically for their workspace, from desks and crafting tables to workbenches in the garage. It’s also a good option for people who like smart homes in general and are happy to link their smart devices.

Echo Dot with 5th generation watch

Amazon Echo Dot (5th generation) with clock.
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There are a few different varieties of the Echo Dot 5th generation, each with their own specifications. For example, it comes with an LED clock face on the front. This makes it a great choice to serve as a bedside radio and alarm (the alarm, morning routine, and LED brightness are all adjustable through the Alexa app) or anywhere else you want a visual clock. All the other capabilities of the Echo Dot 5th generation are still here, meaning it has plenty of audio power and can help you manage your smart home (plus those privacy features we mentioned that come with all the latest Comes with Echo).

echo dot kids 5th generation

Echo Dot Kids 5th Generation on a table.

This children’s model does a few different things too. First of all, it’s available in fun alternative skins like Round Little Owl or Happy Dragon (hey, if you like them better than the other colors, we won’t judge you for buying one for yourself). You can also pair it with the Echo Glow, which is a tiny nightlight orb that’s fun for playing with or keeping the bedroom lit. Finally, it comes with a free year of Amazon Kids+, a subscription to kid-friendly content on a platform designed for safety. Parents can use a variety of controls over what their kids can access or do, and it comes with a two-year guarantee in case of accidents.

Echo Studio

Amazon Echo Studio Alexa smart speaker on a table.

Those who take their audio seriously will want to turn to Echo Studio, It takes up more space than other models, but comes with unique sound thanks to five internal speakers and automatic tuning to adjust the sound according to the room you are in. Studio also continues to receive important updates, such as a recent firmware update adding support for spatial audio powered by Dolby Atmos, available with an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. This is the best choice for those with a home theater setup or for serious audiophiles.

echo dot 3rd generation

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation, 2018 release) with a lamp and book on a table.
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Yes, this puck-shaped Echo Dot is a few years old. But it was still really affordable at around $18 the last time it was discounted, and it’s still widely available at places like Target and Best Buy. This makes this Echo a good option for those on a budget, especially if you’re just stepping into the world of voice assistants and want to start small. Amazon even sells it as a bundle with a smart bulb, so you can use it to create a smart home!

echo pop

Amazon Echo Pop in four colors.

Echo Pop is one of the newest members of the Echo family. It is also the most economical. Priced at just $40, it’s not looking to replace the Echo Studio or compete with premium smart speakers. Instead, it’s a great way to get access to the Alexa smart assistant without spending a lot of cash.

It’s a great looking device, designed with a front-facing speaker, a unique light bar, and multiple available colors. However, the front-facing design is a bit limited, as it can’t throw its sound across a room as well as a 360-degree dot. But considering that it’s $10 cheaper ($20 compared to the Dot with Clock), that’s a minor compromise. If you want a closer look at the two, be sure to check out our comparison of the Echo Dot and Echo Pop.

Our review of the Pop found it to be a surprisingly well-equipped little device. It gets noisy when turned too loud, but it should work well for you as you enter the smart home world. As an added bonus, it also works as an Eero extender – giving you better wireless coverage throughout your home.

echo show

The Amazon Echo Show 8 is sitting on a wooden desk.
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Of course, there’s another option for Echo fans: Echo Show devices, which add a touchscreen to the mix and enable a variety of streaming options, including Shows, Face Chat, and slideshows. We’re big fans of models like the Echo Show 15, which is big enough to serve as a mini TV in places like your kitchen. The new Echo Show 8 is also a great option, earning high marks for its impressive audio quality and vibrant screen.

There are several different Echo Show models to choose from, so you may want to take a look at our list of the best smart displays to further narrow down your options.

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