I own every current game system. Here’s the one to buy this …

As part of my job leading gaming coverage at , I have access to almost every modern console you can think of. I have a Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series I have other niche hardware, from Ayaneo 2s to Playdates. And that’s not even mentioning VR platforms like PlayStation VR2 and Meta Quest 3 or streaming devices like Razer Edge and PlayStation Portal. These aren’t devices I’ve hoarded like a greedy dragon, but rather devices I consistently use to test new games every month.

Of course, the average person really only needs one good gaming machine, but the few choices on a day like Black Friday can cause paralysis. How do you know which console is the right one to buy when everything is discounted? Take it from someone who has more systems than any one person: the Xbox Series On sale for $450There’s consolation up for grabs this year.

A black Xbox Series

Put down your rifles, PlayStation fans: I don’t mean to imply that the Series In fact, this is the most sensible discount to take advantage of right now. For one thing, Microsoft’s flagship console hasn’t seen much discounting since its 2020 launch. This is typically reserved for the less-powerful Series S and while that system is down to $250 today, I wouldn’t recommend grabbing it considering that modern games are starting to struggle on the platform. baldur’s gate 3For example, it will lose split-screen co-op when it comes to the Series S next month.

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Spending the money for a fully powered Xbox makes sense, especially because Microsoft’s future is interesting. This June, we got an Xbox Showcase that showed off a ton of promising first-party games Accepted To south of midnight, This doesn’t mean that Microsoft has finally closed its Activision-Blizzard acquisition this year, which could just mean that some more big exclusives are on the way. This makes Microsoft actually launch the series in 2024.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick up a PlayStation 5 this Black Friday. You can actually save $60 on some PS5 bundles this holiday season, including a bundle that includes marvel’s spider man 2 And a new, slimmer console model for $500. This is a big deal, but the system’s 2024 launch is a question mark at the moment. Sony is set to take its experimental dive into live service games in 2024, with some major single-player adventures on the horizon. We know we’re being re-released the last of us part 2 And there’s also a Wolverine game on the way, but it’s hard to predict how Sony’s next 12 months will go. The PS5 may overshadow the Xbox next year, but we have a better sense of what the latter has to offer.

Nintendo also has its own deals this year, as you can get a great Switch OLED bundle for $350 that comes with Super Smash. brothers laste and three months of Switch Online. That’s great, but this might not be the best time to grab Nintendo’s system. Rumors indicate that The Mario Company may be ready to launch a new console in 2024. The Switch will still have new games, like Princess Peach: Showtime!But chances are we’ll be in for a quiet year.

Don’t expect any big Steam Deck deals either. Valve just released a brand new OLED model of the portable PC, so it’s unlikely we’ll see any significant discounts any time soon. You can currently get the LCD model at a lower price, but I wouldn’t recommend it as the OLED model is a big improvement that’s worth the spend.

In terms of discounts, practicality, and game outlook for 2024, the Xbox Series However, you really can’t go wrong with any of these options. Each system has a strong backlog of excellent games that will keep any first-time owner busy until 2024. No matter how you want to play, you won’t be bored.

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