Want to know why the MCU stinks lately? We’ll tell you

Now it has become a common belief that good days have come for MCU. Hey, that’s putting it mildly; The Marvel Cinematic Universe largely stinks, and even its successes suck Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Suffers from a slight feeling of despair.

There are several reasons for this: poor scripts, mediocre VFX, a general sense of narrative aimlessness, and too many variants and multiverses for anyone to follow while still keeping their sanity intact. No one knew for sure what exactly was wrong with the MCU… until now. In a searing expose, Variety’s Tatiana Siegel paints an illuminating and messy picture of the once invincible studio, beset by problems both internal and external that have tarnished its brand and left many fans Everyone, including myself, is concerned about its future. , Among the many revelations are the following:

Marvel could be The Flash of the MCU

Brie Larson looks skeptical in The Marvels.
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Memorization shine, that now-forgotten 2023 summer blockbuster that was promoted to be one of the best superhero movies of all time and instead was a terrible movie that suffered from endless reshoots and questionable test screenings? Well, Marvel may have its own counterpart Miracle, As Variety reports, the film, which cost $250 million, underwent four weeks of reshoots and a moderate test screening in Texas last summer.

What’s worse, director Nia DaCosta has already moved on to work on another film Miracle Was in postproduction. This is absolutely unheard of for a director of a major tentpole, which suggests that either she wanted to forget the experience as quickly as possible or Marvel wanted to remake it without her. Or maybe it’s something else entirely. In either scenario, the outlook for the upcoming Marvel movie isn’t good.

She-Hulk pilot cost $25 million

Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walters, the Hulk and She-Hulk, meditate while facing each other.
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Yes, you read that right. The pilot for a show set largely in Los Angeles with a small cast and relatively low-stakes story cost $25 million. This is more than an episode game of Thrones, who has to create an entire world full of dragons and incest out of thin air. what’s worse is She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Generally criticized for looking cheap, “cheesy”, and not up to the usual Marvel standard. Ouch.

Horrible VFX issues went deeper than originally thought

In Thor: Love and Thunder, Thor talks to a floating head.
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We’ve all seen the floating head memes Thor: Love and Thunder and countless strange shots Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, And yes, part of the problem was that many VFX artists were overwhelmed with work. But as Variety revealed, the problem originated from Marvel president Kevin Feige himself.

As an insider is quoted in the article: “The so-called bad VFX we see was due to a half-baked script. she is not victoria [Alonso, the recently fired head of VFX], That’s Kevin. And even above Kevin. Those issues should be addressed in preproduction. The timeline is not allowing Marvel executives to sit down with the material.

Marvel could solve its Kang problem with Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom crushes something in the Marvel comics.
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Most people know by now about the legal issues involving Jonathan Majors, the actor who played Kang bottle gourd And other Marvel projects. What people don’t know is that Marvel has a backup plan: Doctor Doom. The Fantastic Four villain is seen as a logical replacement if Majors leaves the role of Kang or Marvel decides to go in another direction.

The OG Avengers may return to the MCU sooner than you think

In 2012's The Avengers, the Avengers were gathering on a ruined road.
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It was inevitable that the original Avengers would return at some point. They’re so beloved as pop culture characters, and so lucrative as a property, that Disney can’t completely turn them off. And while some of them are technically dead (RIP Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow), that hasn’t stopped Marvel from trying to do the same.

While Variety cautions that the studio hasn’t laid anyone off yet, the fact that they’re considering it so soon, after just four years Avengers: Endgame, indicating that the MCU is in a chaotic, somewhat sad state right now. Like married with ChildrenAl Bundy, he already wants to relive his glory days, and who can blame him?

Find more MCU gossip, including news about the upcoming Blade movie, in Variety.

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