Why this cheap folding phone from Motorola is a must buy

A man holding a closed Motorola Razr 40.
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Are you a little bored with your current phone? Do you want something more exciting, more futuristic and more entertaining – without spending a ton of money?

Until now, such a wish list item was unlikely to be realistic. But I recently spent a few weeks with the Motorola Razr (2023), and I want to explain how it quickly became one of my favorite phones of the year, how it meets the criteria described above, and Why you would be wise to choose this one soon.

Now is the time to buy a foldable

A person opening a Motorola Razr 40.
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When folding phones first came out, they were very expensive; There are still large-screen, flagship versions, which has led many to dismiss foldables as unattainable or overpriced.

Well, those times are changing, because the Motorola Razr (2023) is a midrange folding phone – and with the specs it has a midrange price. This puts it within reach if you’re already considering the Samsung Galaxy A54 or Nothing Phone 2, and it’s even cheaper than the OnePlus 11 and Google Pixel 8.

but this is Nothing Like any of these phones. The Motorola Razr (2023) is a compact folding phone similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, but at almost half the price at $1,000. The Razr (2023) is currently on offer for $599, which is $100 off its usual retail price. Sure, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 has higher specs, but if you’ve got a phone you can bend, the Razer (2023) will happily scratch that itch for a lot less money than the Z Flip 5 .

At this price, the Razr (2023) is really the first folding phone you can consider without feeling like you’re spending huge amounts of money on a new phone just for the chance to fold it. However, let me tell you – when you get one, you’ll find that all the folding and flipping doesn’t get old. We’ve been patiently waiting for a brand to shake up foldables and help bring them into the mainstream, and Motorola is doing exactly that with the Razr (2023). It joins Tecno among the major brands that are working hard to bring exciting foldables to more people this year.

The Razer (2023) isn’t just a cheap phone

A man holding an open Motorola Razr 40.
Andy Boxall/

Am I saying that you should only consider the Razer 2023 because it’s significantly cheaper? No, when I reviewed, used and really liked the Razer (2023), didn’t even know the US price. I reviewed its UK counterpart, called the Razer 40 (which is the same phone with a different name), and it won me over. Not because of the price, but because the design of the flip phone is great, and the phone actually sounds good.

All folding phones are exciting pieces of hardware, but I love compact folding phones because they’re incredibly convenient. They mark a return to the days when mobile phones were of modest size, but without impacting capacity or sacrificing modern technology. This is one of the main reasons I was attracted to the 6.9-inch Razr (2023), because it simply slips into my pocket or bag and unless I want it to, I barely notice it’s there. Is. This is a huge benefit, and it will change the way you think about phones with huge screens.

A man taking out a Motorola Razr 40 from his pocket.
Andy Boxall/

The low price might make you wonder if it’s built like a cheap phone, especially considering the cost of such high-tech hardware. Razor hasn’t cut any major corners, so this couldn’t be further from the truth. The textured back panel is surprisingly tactile and keeps the phone clean, as it can be wiped to remove any greasy prints. It comes in some nice colors, and while its hinge isn’t as sophisticated as the Galaxy Z Flip 5, it has a far better feel and speed than the Motorola Razr (2022). Also, it will be Always The foldable phone will be fun to open and close.

Midrange doesn’t mean average performance or Motorola has made it look dull. The Razer did everything I wanted, the software is fast and clean, and to give it character there lives the cutest character named Moo on the cover screen. Yes, Character, It may sound silly, but Moo made the Razer feel friendly, and that’s rare for any piece of technology. The lack of an always-on screen bothers me, but I’ll forgive Razer when it becomes both friendly and fun.

Good phone, good price, what else?

A man holding a closed Motorola Razr 40.
Andy Boxall/

On the surface, the Motorola Razr (2023) is another good phone at a good price, just as the Google Pixel 8 is also a good phone at a good price. What makes Razer unusual and worth your attention is that Compact folding phone at a good price. This helps remove one of the things I’ve always suggested when talking about these types of phones in the past: you need to try before you buy.

The reason I told people this was that very few people would take a risk on a phone that costs $1,800, so you need to find out for yourself how game-changing they can be. The Razer (2023) isn’t the definition of a bargain, but it’s priced so sensibly that there’s very little “risk” involved. Compact foldables are just as useful as non-folding phones of similar size. But with a lot of extra convenience. Now, you can find out for yourself without breaking the bank.

I fell in love with the Motorola Razr (2023), not just because it’s a good phone, but also because it has the potential to make so many people enjoy a modern, folding flip phone. At some point, Motorola is going to raise its price to $699, and that will make it a little less attractive, so don’t miss this golden opportunity to enjoy this fun, futuristic, characterful and capable smartphone.

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