Windows 11 may replace a favorite shortcut with more AI

Microsoft is currently testing removing a popular Windows 11 feature and swapping it for AI.

The brand recently launched Windows 11 preview build for Dev Channel. In builds, CoPilot’s shortcut is a primary feature of the operating system. The shortcut will be located in the lower-right corner of the screen and replace the “Show Desktop” button, which has been common on Windows since 2009, according to NeoWin.

Windows 10 desktop showing task view.

The Show Desktop feature is a handy shortcut to minimize all apps and allows you to return to your desktop with a single click. However, Microsoft is looking to make its Copilot AI-assistant more efficient and present on the Windows desktop. Its position on the desktop will put it near Notification Center and the time and date, potentially making it easier to locate and use.

The once default Show Desktop feature has now been turned off in the Preview Build update, however, it is still available in the system and can be enabled manually.

You can enable it by selecting Adjustment , personalization , taskbar , Taskbar Behavior > Select the far corner of the taskbar to show the desktop. You can then attach it wherever you want on your taskbar.

Although Microsoft is testing this setup, there’s no guarantee it will make it into public Windows builds. In the current Windows look the CoPilot icon is located to the right of the search bar, a more centered frame of reference on the standard desktop.

Neowin noted that Microsoft had been developing and testing the Show Desktop feature for some time before introducing it to the public. Perhaps the final version of the CoPilot icon placement will allow Show Desktop to remain enabled in some form, especially considering that Microsoft’s AI assistant also includes a voice activation function as an accessibility feature.

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